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Practical advice - trying to overcome anxiety in pregnancy

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Adreena Thu 28-Feb-13 09:18:27

I've posted in pregnancy forum too but though I'd try here as well. I have been suffering from high anxiety, a degree of depression and obsessive worrying through this, my first pregnancy. I was hoping it was just a first trimester thing but I'm now 14w 2d and still feeling anxious and obsessive over things. I've just started seeing a therapist, who is trying to help me get to the bottom of my fears (I was anxious pre-preg too) and while I believe she's a good therapist I think its going to take some time.

So what I'm asking for is some practical day-to-day advice from anyone who's successfully managed their own anxiety around pregnancy (or non pregnancy even) Were there any techniques or books you read that helped? I've got a pregnancy relaxation hypnotherapy cd for a start. I could really use a good self-help book. I've got The Power of Now but I'm struggling to engage with it. So something that's easy to relate to and good at helping in the moment rather than a slow-building thing if such a thing exists.

I'm tired of the anxiety making me and my DH stressed and miserable and am ready to kick its arse or at least try. Any recommendations welcome.

pinkyponk67 Thu 28-Feb-13 11:30:20

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this.I have had same. Practical things that helped me:

Deep breathing from the diaphragm. Lie down and imagine anxiety flowing out of you through fingers and toes on your out breath.
Bach Rescue remedy (4 drops in a glass of very cold water-take sips)
Lavender oil on a tissue - put to nose and breathe in
Gentle exercise like a walk-fresh air really helps.

If you are able to get to a relaxation or yoga class I would also recommend that.

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