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work making me feel depressed

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LittleButton Thu 28-Feb-13 18:08:18

thanks Tallulaxx

aww thats a hard situation to be in, i am currently struggling to find a new job, i am at the stage of wanting to possibly be signed off as my work income is so irregular its beyond a joke, it doesnt help that its a 0hr contract, but i was told i would get guaranteed full time hrs as i live independently but that has now resulted in me getting anything from 2.5hrs per week to 30 on very rare occasions.

i have spoken toadvice centres and information point about rent and things they helping get things sorted, it just all plays on my mind a lot and makes me feel terrible , i am also scared that if i do get signed off will that put off a prospective employer.

thanks for advice , i am off a couple days next week so will speak to my doctor and see where i stand


Tallulaxx Thu 28-Feb-13 10:56:06

Hugs Littlebutton.

I'm in a similar situation I hate my job and currently off with depression. I've managed to get a new job so I'm off sick whilst giving notice. The only problem is I'm waiting for my new job to withdraw once they find out I've been off sick. But the irony of it all is the new job will boost me up and it's what I need. Shit scared finacially but at the end of the day health comes first.

Have you spoken to anybody? Made a complaint about the wages. It may also help if you visit your g.p who may sign you off to give you a rest and reevaluate what you want to do?


LittleButton Wed 27-Feb-13 22:11:29

i have been in what i though was my dream job since September, but things have gone from bad to worse, i have been underpaid twice and one month even didn't receive any wages, i am treated like shit (excuse my language) i am not at the stage due to them messing me up financially i am in debt and i have very little if anything to live on.
i just feel soo down all the time and end up crying a lot, it doesnt help when i am struggling 2 get over a recent miscarriage also!

sorry for the long post just wanted someone to talk to or some advice if possible


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