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Does anyone feel others feel their competence is based on their history...

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amillionyears Tue 26-Feb-13 15:52:26

I dont have the answers to this.
You might also want to post this in work matters.

thunksheadontable Tue 26-Feb-13 09:08:30

rather than their current presentation?

I've had (?perinatal) OCD and moderate depression this year and after a course of CBT and daily mindfulness practice I am generally asymptomatic at this stage.

However, I seem to continually find myself in appointments where I am asked to tell the whole story of the course of the illness and then judgments are based on that rather than on how I am doing now?

Have just done this with Occupational Health and they have said I am unfit to work for three months (not even due to return from mat leave for three months, so feel I have been told I have been unfit for life just for the hell of it!) and even started talking about alternative roles and ill-health retirement!

I'm a damn sight more sane and awake than I was before any of this ever happened, when I was far more caught up in stresses and grievances etc.. surely this should HELP my work, not hinder it????

Just wondered if this is a common experience and how to address it?

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