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huge panic/anxiety please help

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livepoas Tue 26-Feb-13 04:28:35

I just can't calm down.

I feel all squeamish and pathetic and tearful, just keep totally freaking out, I can't sleep or sit still, I am so restless

I had a medical termination last week due to certain risks (I have a long thread in OTBT if anyone wants the story behind this)

It is apparently normal to bleed for a couple of weeks after this, quite heavily and with clots at times - aftercare people are not concerned unless you are going through more than two thick maternity pads in an hour, for more than two hours running. My bleeding is nowhere near this

However it had pretty much stopped and has come back this evening including little gushes of blood coming out when i stand up.

I normally have really light and short periods so I'm just finding this all a bit much

Actually I don't know why the fuck I'm finding it a bit much, it's just blood, and really not all that much of it

I feel ridiculous, what can i do to calm down?

I thought re-reading my aftercare book would help, but it just made me freak out again reading about the blood even though I can clearly see my bleeding is normal

what the hell is going on? sad please help me if anyone can?

livepoas Tue 26-Feb-13 04:50:51

anyone? sad

Turnipsoup Tue 26-Feb-13 05:27:51

livepoas, I'm sorry I don't have any experience, just posting to hold your hand until wiser people come along.

livepoas Tue 26-Feb-13 05:29:37

thank you flowers

OhWesternWind Tue 26-Feb-13 13:48:01

Glad I found you on here, don't usually read this section at all . . .

Hope you're feeling a bit better today now.

You know I get a bit anxious sometimes? Well, this will probably all sound like nonsense, but it works for me.

The reason I think this is happening is that you've been through a huge amount recently, so you're already on a bit of a state of high alert, plenty of adrenaline etc in your system as a response to all the stress. The problem is that when something else happens, because your system is already on high alert, it doesn't take much to send those adrenaline levels sky high and so you get the anxiety and the horrible feelings mentally and physically. It's really all perfectly normal in this sort of situation.

First of all, try the deep breathing thing, deep breath in, and out counting "One", then in and out counting "Two" until you get to seven. You can also do an EFT thing by tapping below your eye on the socket bone. It does work for me, maybe it's just a distraction or the placebo effect, but it helps. Also, recognising what's happening to you, that it's just the effects of adrenaline, can really help. As can exercise, singing loudly, shouting/groaning (if you are somewhere where no-one can here). Anything that helps relax and thus counter the effects of the chemicals racing round your system and causing all this stuff.

Really hope this helps you. Holding your hand. (((())))

mollymole Tue 26-Feb-13 13:50:38

Have you tried drawing the curtains to get the room darker, lighting a candle and then trying to sit quietly looking at the flickering frame. This may help to calm you.

livepoas Tue 26-Feb-13 14:34:08

OWW thank you that makes so much sense about why things like that happen.

It really took me by surprise last night, I had no idea what was going on, which probably made it worse because then I was worrying that I was having some sort of breakdown even though I had been convinced I was fine.

If it happens again I'll remember your words. Thank you xx

sydlexic Tue 26-Feb-13 14:39:05

I am not surprised you feel this way, you have had a terrible time and your hormones are all over the place. Give yourself a few days and if you don't feel any better go and see your GP. You can get meds for a short time to help you through it. Hope you feel calmer soon.

livepoas Tue 26-Feb-13 14:41:25

Thanks syd, I feel fine now but it took a long time to calm down. Never had anything like that happen before, of course there have been times when I've felt anxious but I've always been able to talk myself through it and be fine. Until last night!

OWW's message makes a lot of sense and I feel happier now that if it happens again I'll be able to remmeber what she said and calm down a bit quicker. x

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