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anyone taking venaflaxine and quetiapine as a combination pls come talk to me!

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PainForLife Tue 12-Mar-13 11:21:23

awww silentlady wish you well with TTC.
I know all too well about night sweats they seem to be with us forever sad

hopefully you will get great advise from the specialist re meds [fingers crossed for you].

the cocktail of meds I'm on keep me sane most of the time but somedays I just wanna explode. today happens to be that day sad

silentlady Mon 11-Mar-13 23:07:39

I currently take 150mg venlafaxine and 50mg quetiapine at night. They work wonderfully in managing my depression/BPD but I do get awful nightmares and night sweats so I don't get a lot of decent sleep unfortunately. My husband and I are now TTC so I need to try and reduce/come off them and I am really worried. I'm seeing a specialist perinatal psychiatrist later this month though so hopefully can get some good advice and support.

PainForLife Mon 11-Mar-13 19:34:31

hi coxspippin
I'm doing ok today trying real hard not to reach for comfort food. I'm glad ur medication is working for you. hopefully it will continue to do so.

pregabalin was prescribed for my nerve pain. all of the left side of my body has been really painful. just waiting for an appt with a neurologist now which could be a few months. it seems to working on & off so just been taking each day as it comes.

coxspippin Mon 11-Mar-13 13:43:15

hope you benefit from the change in medication painforlife
are you recovering from the nervous breakdown?
the psychiatrist added lamotrigine (an anticonvulsant) to my venlafaxine+ quetiapine. some calmer days for first time in 6 months, but still overwhelmingly anxious. what is pregablin may i ask?

PainForLife Thu 07-Mar-13 12:00:25

hi all thank you for replying sorry I had a bit of crisis so not replied sooner.

SH again the other day - meds been changed again - now on 225mg venlaflaxin (take it 3 times a day) & 300mg quetiapine at night and pregablin 25mg (twice a day) plus my other usual meds sad

I'm just having meds all day long & am just so fed up of being in constant pain sad

coxspippin Mon 25-Feb-13 16:07:34

i take venlafaxine 225mg morning and quetiapine 100mg evening (with lamotrigine 50mg); but can't say i get angry/ up and down/ night sweats etc.
i haven't put on as much weight as i thought i would but i do scoff away at chocolate. i think the combo is probably helping (not completely), i'd like to know if venlafaxine has stimulant effects. quetiapine replaced risperidone. i think it helps rumination/ obsessive thinking and my mind is calmer. but i still get very anxious and tearful. sorry not much help and hope you find the right combination.

AlteredState Sun 24-Feb-13 22:48:33

I've been prescribed this combination but I don't take the quetiapine. Quetiapine (and anti-psychotics in general) frequently seem to increase weight I'm afraid.
My experience of venlafaxine at 225mg (took this dose for around a year) is that it made me very up and down to the point I'd feel out of control at times (but pretty well at others). Within 10 days or so of reducing down to 150mg the extremes stopped.

Agree changing meds is scary but worth thinking about if the current combination isn't satisfactory.

PainForLife Sun 24-Feb-13 19:34:20

thanks hoophopes I might also have to think about changing meds but thought of suffering yet more side effects is a little scarry sad

Hoophopes Sun 24-Feb-13 19:16:44

Hi - not anymore but have had that combination. I found increased appetite was par for the course for that combination, but decided I would sort my mental health out and deal with the weight gain later on.It is only now that I am really losing the weight. It didn't continue though, just the early months.I learnt to keep healthy snacks in, to try and help.

Hope it gets better for you. I swopped to risperidone in the end, as it suited me better. And as soon as more stable I reduced doses of it which helped.

PainForLife Sun 24-Feb-13 18:17:12

That's it really.... I have been taking venaflaxine 225mg (gradually increased from 150mg) and quetiapine 100mg (increased to 300mg then dropped down to 100mg) for over 6weeks now since I had a complete mental breakdown.

last week I was full of anger & this week I'm up & down too. I cannot stand any loud noises e.g tv being too loud, doors banging to anyone speakng in a loud voice. it makes me wanna just grab something and throw it at them. night sweats are not disappearing and have been getting worse and worse to the point the bed sheets have been drenched. I'm eating excessively (especially sweets n chocolates) & I have no control what so ever. I'm putting on weight and eventhough I acknowledge this I can't stop eating.

I've tried to alter the timing of taking the the tablets to see if it makes a difference and it doesn't.

anyone have similar symptoms or going through the same kinda thing???? would like to hear others experience with this drug combo.

thanks for reading.

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