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seeing psychologists

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coxspippin Thu 14-Feb-13 13:42:47

i saw a psychologist for about a year (20 appointments) at an IAPT clinic for recurrent periods of anxiety with depression. i was keen at first (never been tried before) but towards the end of the appointments fell ill, from last september to the current date. i can't tell whether the therapy has helped but because this has been a longer bad spell than normal i am thinking the therapy may have exacerbated things (she took a psychoanalytic line). she says i need more appointments and has referred me to another psychologist. of course you want help but should i be cautious about seeing another psychologist, maybe ask for CMHT help (a home visit for example) instead? even a change of approach, say CBT may be too much for my fragile mental state. any experience of this or helpful advice, please?

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