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To increase dose or not?

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SnowyMouse Tue 12-Feb-13 17:41:52

Tricky, as I'm not sure that the CBT therapist can advise on drugs. You need to do what feels right to you, is it worth a try and you can see if you have as many bad days?

stripeyjimjams Tue 12-Feb-13 17:11:47

I'm on 100mg sertraline, and have been on some form of SSRI for a few years. Recently, I had a session with a psychiatrist in the local mental health team (first time we'd met), who gave me a prescription to increase my dose of sertraline to 150mg. I'm not sure about this. I am functioning, but have a lot on my plate and do get days where I feel hopeless, fearful and can't stop crying. On those days, I think an increase in dose might help.

But...I know what it's like to be in the pit of depression and, though I always feel like I'm walking on the edge of the pit, I'm not deep in there right now. I've put on a lot of weight on my ADs and haven't managed to lose any. I don't eat anything like 2000 cals a day, and walk everywhere. It's getting me down, but I'm obviously thankful not to be as distressed as I've been.

The psychiatrist has lined me up for CBT (should hear from them in 6 weeks) and I don't know if I should increase my dose, or wait and see what the CBT therapist says. It feels a bit strange that this doctor, who knew nothing of my history (and thought I was 37, not 27, and repeatedly got my GP's name wrong) could know enough in 20 mins to up my dose. Sorry, I know that sounds dismissive. Does anyone have any advice?

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