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Counselling, cbt or psychotherapy?

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FreelanceMama Mon 11-Feb-13 09:41:31

Hi, if you want to give CBT a go on your own, there's a great workbook called Mind Over Mood which takes you through the process of doing thought records - a neat exercise to help you identify if you have any core beliefs about yourself, other people or the world which are causing unhelpful thoughts and emotional reactions. And then it also helps you learn how to challenge those beliefs - or just sow the seeds of doubt, "Hey maybe other people don't think I'm boring" (or whatever your belief might be).

Some people use a counsellor (and you can often get this free through the NHS via your GP) but I think the book is worth a go on its own too.

This free online course was designed for young people but I seem to remember it being pretty good.

Counselling is very good as a safe space to share your thoughts outloud with someone who won't be shocked, or think any less of you, or respond with unhelpful advice! And they can help you make sense of what's bothering you. In the course of talking things can come to the surface that you didn't know you were supressing so it can sometimes make you feel crap for a couple of days afterwards (in my experience), but then better in the longer term - a bit like a detox?

I've not had any experience of pyschotherapy but my understanding is that this digs deeper.

Good luck and well done for being so proactive.

ScariestFairyByFar Mon 11-Feb-13 00:04:21

Went to the gp to get ads reviewed on Friday I feel great there working so well and I feel like new person but its got me wondering and how long I've been depressed for feel like maybe I always have been. GP gave me two website links but feel like maybe I need something more but what should I ask for?

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