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Anxiety treatment - progressive muscle relaxation clashing with Alexander Technique

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gingeroots Thu 07-Feb-13 09:47:06

Oh dear that sounds a bit "first world problem " doesn't it ?

But I'm in a muddle here - have had Alexander Technique lessons for about 8 months to help with chronic muscle tension ,frozen shoulders .

Seperately referred by GP for relaxation/compassion group therapy .
This involves a lot of tensing and releasing muscles .
Can do the tensing no problem ,releasing much more difficult and I think the 8 months I've spent learning how to release muscles and treat my body as a whole ,is an impediment .

Not sure what to do .

Any advice ?

Bluestocking Thu 07-Feb-13 22:56:49

Talk to your AT teacher and ask him/her how best to benefit from the group therapy; and mention the AT to your group therapist. Yes, it does sound a bit FWP, but I do sympathise, having also been a sufferer from anxiety - it's the sort of thing that kicks the anxiety off again. Good luck!

gingeroots Fri 08-Feb-13 08:37:35

Thanks Bluestocking ,especially for sympathising !

I don't like to raise something in the group that probably only affects me and it seems I'm too shy/selfconscious to raise it with the AT teacher .

Need to grow up I think .

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