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Help please, DSS in hospital again after getting violent.

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Marne Sun 03-Feb-13 19:26:33

A bit of a back story for those who dont know my story.

A year ago dss had a breakdown and was stayed in hospital for 2 weeks (phyc unit), sinse then he has been up and down, involved in drugs, stole money, tried to take his life and been on verious medication. He's like a different person then he was 2 years ago, he needs 24 hour care, he cries a lot, he laughs at things that are not funny and he gets violent when he's upset. We have always susspected he is autistic but no one will listen, now he's almost 20 its out of our hands (we are told nothing as he's an adult).

Yesterday he broke his mums hand and punched his friend in the face, his mum has been struggling to cope so he's now been taken into hospital for the weekend so she can have respite, they are talking of sectioning him to give them time to sort out his future.

We feel useless, i can not offer to have him here as i have 2 young children with ASD and cant risk him being violent here, i feel for his mum as she has to look after him by herself and is watching her son drift away. I cant see him getting better anymore (or being well enough to look after himself), the mental health team have done nothing to sort out long term care for him and from what i can see the medication he is on is not helping, i feel sad to say 'the only time in the past year he has been anywhere near his normal self has been when he has been self medacating on coke' sad.

Where do we go from here? how do we get the mental health team to find somewhere for him long term (a sheltered unit or similar). How can we get the old dss back? is there any hope?

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