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Lower dose of Venlafaxin. Welcome back evil mother.

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mrmump Sat 02-Feb-13 20:59:54

Decided to try to come off these nightmare tablets. Its been 7 years. GP suggested a lower dose as the side effects of cold turkey are nasty.
Well the side effects of lower the dose are nasty too. The DC spent the morning fighting, screaming and ignoring me while I laid on the sofa trying to ward off the vertigo, brain zaps, nausia and drowziness. They woke DH up who is on nights. He blamed me for not controlling them. I got my car keys and walked out. Drove and drove. Pulled into a Tesco carpark because I couldn't stay awake. Slept in the car. My phone kept ringing, it was home, so I turned it off. Eventually went home, barely spoke to DH. He went to work again. Whilst putting DC to bed just now, DD age 7 told me it was her phoning because she was so worried about me. Then she started crying and said she was scared I had run away. Now I feel so guilty. I really want to get off these tablets but I don't think I can. So upset right now.

frillynat81 Sat 02-Feb-13 21:53:42

ugh I'm on them too - hate the brain zaps if I forget a dose. nasty ad but was the one that worked best for me. do not blame for you wanting off it.

mrmump Sat 02-Feb-13 22:00:22

How long did it take you to come off? I've finally found a GP who listens to me, about the side effects, shes looking into something else I can take to help?

thatlldonicely Thu 07-Feb-13 18:41:44

hi have you managed to reduce your dose and are you coming off ads altogether or changing. I am on venlafaxine 75mg and have been on them for about 7 years too - it was mainly for tiredness and not feeling able to cope. trouble is still feel tired - tried to switch to a different one a few years ago but felt so awful trying to stop that just carried on with them. just wondered if you'd managed. Don't come across many people taking these. thanks

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