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we were all in the bed, this is the 2nd thread....roll over! roll over!

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ThatVikRinA22 Sat 02-Feb-13 01:26:21

so we all rolled over and hellebelles told us to get our arses out of

ive started a new one because there are only a few posts left on the old thread before it gets full.

nana ive described myself on the old thread just for you! smile


nana hellesbelles mama ed silvery and basset and any one else who posted on the old thread or who relates to our experiences and wants to post on the new one....welcome to the new thread.

old one here

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 14:51:33

(the errand was for her btw....i had to down tools and go)

EdwiniasRevenge Mon 04-Feb-13 16:09:40

Bugger. ..overslept....need to run round and finish my jobs...once I drag myself out of bed...sooo shattered...

But I don't iron. That was vicar

Chocolate wasn't supposed to be a positive...

I did some errands with a d&v friend before Xmas and was safe...I just made sure I washed my hands thoroughly as soon as I got in...hope you are the same

Right....dressed....bathroom....face.....before I start running round at brownies/guides/all that jazz till about 10pm....see you when smile

Unfortunatlyanxious Mon 04-Feb-13 16:38:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HellesBelles396 Mon 04-Feb-13 16:38:17

argh! stood in Sainsbury's waiting for dad to come and bail me out after I came shopping without my bank card!

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 20:06:46

i dont blame my pal and im glad i could help but im so scared of getting it.

helles did you read that ^^ up there about memory loss being temporary!
hope you are home now with shopping.

Im at GP again in the morning. ive a week left on my sick note but i cant go back - not yet. i hope she agrees. My sgt agrees.

Then im giving a lift to a load of OAPS ( many of my mates are all much older than me!) to go and see Les mate is insisting i have to see it - i keep telling her im depressed enough but she wont take no for an answer!

ive got a funny pain in my throat today - as if i can feel the endoscopy again - i can only feel it when i swallow but its a sharp pain to the left of my cant be the endoscopy though surely - i had that a week ago. confused

Good luck at brownies ed and well done. My face has been very much undone today along with my hair - my pal was lucky i was even dressed to be honest!

TheSilveryPussycat Mon 04-Feb-13 20:08:21

Even when well I am constantly losing things - misplacing them I should say. One reason why I think I have Inattentive ADD... Checklists before I leave anywhere, and having only 2 or 3 safe places to put things down when the phone rings (say) help me cope.

YYY to no ironing - careful line drying, or flicking things before putting them in the tumble drier, with the exception of a few items of clothing when I was working.

Still glowing from my weekend wink

Shakinstevie Mon 04-Feb-13 22:28:17

ua I sometimes get similar to what you are describing on my peripheral vision before I get a migraine, just a thought but maybe best to get it checked as th e others have said.

mama not read any of that series but will definately have a look. I think you can invest heavily in your job, I think I do, I also think sometimes we forget that we work to live not the other way about. Your not wittering, smile at all.

er hope the brownie leader meeting goes well.

vicar I would eat if I were you then at least you would have something in your stomach, I totally get where your coming from, a lot of my anxiety is health related, I waste a lot of time worrying if I have caught something.

I have been helping my mum today as she was flitting, my dad is stuck overseas, so was a good day, am toying with the idea of going to the gp tomorrow, I moved myself recently and had to move depts for 6 weeks so am wondering if all the upheaval has had a negative impact on my anxiety and now it's all settled down I am noticing my symptoms more?

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 22:46:07

i think its when you stop that you realise how bad you are stevie if you feel you need to see gp then do it.

its me with all the ironing folks - but i have to say DH does alot of the washing so it seems churlish to tell him off for not drying it properly! i managed to do DDs little ironing pile - she seems to wear the same stuff day in day out despite having a wardrobe full of expensive clothes.....drives me mad.

i now have 3 baskets to do instead of 4.

i have eaten but im harbouring feelings of resentment that i dont like - im quite cross that my friend put me in that position when it was obvious she has norro....she was saying she was going to go and keep away from her family so they didnt get it....i understand that she was panicking and needed and i had no choice but to go - DH really didnt help. He had just got in and i asked him if he would drop me there and then go and collect her keys and he refused so it left me in an awkward position....she has anxiety issues and wouldnt let me leave her alone to go and fetch the keys. i love her dearly but i dont get why she needed someone there to watch her throw up! ah well, its done now.
its just i wont hear from her for weeks now. normally thats fine and when we do catch up its lovely....but it would just be my luck to get the virus and her to be better and oblivious that she gave it to me!
anyway - not feeling ill as of now so i will try and forget it. im just wittering because im worrying about A) doctors tomorrow and B) not really wanting to go out but having to due to being the taxi tomorrow for picturs and C) occy health appt on Weds...worrying about snow and travel and then what happens when i get there.
anxiety seems bad tonight....

Shakinstevie Mon 04-Feb-13 22:58:12

Vicar, I read the old thread when you had been started on sertraline, have the side effects worn off now? Do you feel any better ?

MechanicalTheatre Mon 04-Feb-13 23:01:25

May I join?

Currently doing a PGCE and have missed last few days of university due to feeling depressed. Massive problems in my relationship and feelings of isolation. Long history of mh probs but thought they were getting better.

Saw GP last week and she was nice. Gave me sertraline. Going back next week.

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:05:14

im now on 100mg daily - at the start the side effects were horrendous - but yes they are gone now - all except the tremor (but even thats not all the time) i had terrible nausea, fatigue, jaw clenching and teeth chattering, and i felt whoozy and drunk. Most of the side effects wore off within a fortnight.

DH says they are definitely working.

im handling things much better - problems that would have floored me or made me angry and anxious and tearful are now just getting raised eyebrows and then i deal with them. And despite todays blip with fearing the norro virus on the whole i have not been imagining the worst....which i do normally.

im feeling a bit anxious over the next couple of days but im managing better. On saturday i had a night out - now we have no fencing up at the min due to the garden getting revamped - normally i would have worried and fretted constantly over the dog getting out or DD falling down stairs or something else - i phoned home twice but didnt fret all night - i reckon that could be progress on the anxiety front.
so while im feeling anxious about the next couple of days i think it will pass, as those days do.
normally i find something else to be anxious over....but lately not so much.

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:07:05

welcome mechanical - of course join in. the more the merrier. ed is doing the PGSE too so im sure you will have someone to compare notes with....

im on sertraline too. stick with it if you gets better. i had not realised how much better i am until DH pointed it out.

Shaky Mon 04-Feb-13 23:12:42

Hi Vicar and all the newcomers.

Lovely new thread you have here.

I'm sorry I kind of drifted off from the last thread and the AD thread.

I hope you are feeling better, are you back at work yet?

I am on week 4 of phased return and am shattered but progressing well. Return to work has been much better this time, now my boss understands a bit better.

Vicar I pay an ironing fairy to do mine, it is worth every single penny grin

MechanicalTheatre Mon 04-Feb-13 23:13:39

Vicar, the side effects are awful atm. I have barely eaten in 3 days, jaw clenching all the time, fatigued...thankfully the nausea seems to have gone.

Only on 50mg for now, but very worried if I have to take more time off university I'll get kicked off the course.

I'm glad the effects got better for you.

TheSilveryPussycat Mon 04-Feb-13 23:23:29

my minimalist diet for when i don't feel like eating: unlimited half-and-half milky drinks (mostly coffee, sometimes hot choc). weetabix, branflakes - these last I like to soak a bit, so I let them soak, then later when I feel I might like (or should) eat, there is a nice soaked bowlful all ready. Fruit juice.

Plus sometimes I make a batch of cakes or scones, and eat them over 2 or occasionally 3 days (baking is very soothing)

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:28:01

hi shaky - im not back to work yet but my gp has also said i will need a phased return. im at occy health on Weds - they cancelled my last appt. i am in no rush to go back tbh.
i have also applied for 3 other jobs, - just in case i need a plan B.

mech - i started on 50mg and found it horrendous - very much as you are - the first time i tried them i gave up after a couple of days as i also could not take time off.
this time i allowed my GP to sign me off and stuck with them. My side effects were very much as you describe yours - when she upped my dose to 100mg after a month i was dreading all that again but i got no ill effects at all from upping the dose.
i think the first 2 weeks was the worst for me, the side effects lessening up to week 4 and then i started to forget there were side effects.

the only one i have now is the tremor - and thats noticable to others too when it happens, but i find i also forget to eat and have no appetite so that may also contribute to the shaking.

its really hard going for the first month i think - but if you cant stick it out i think its worth it - honestly this last month a few things have happened that would normally result in my losing the plot.
and i havent.
ive dealt with the glitches ok. ive managed a night out without worrying every single minute im out of the house. Ive had problems with some work we are having done on the house....i didnt panic. i sorted it. i reckon that must be the pills kicking in - i hardly noticed but DH has.

EdwiniasRevenge Mon 04-Feb-13 23:40:07

Just a quickie.

I'm here. Dramatic evening. Just got in. Need to process it tho before posting or I might say something I shouldn't on a public forum. I'm ok. Just mentally exhausted from a long standing 'issue' which I don't even think was know my previously posted list of problems.

Haven't read posts properly but wanted to say hi to mechanic. I am doing pgce. Briefly I was on last years course. Suspended in April due to bereavement. Resumed in October. Did 2 weeks. Been signed off sick since.

I know someone that was signed off sick with stress for 3 weeks last year and edit repeating a placement is just about to complete.

I know someone that was signed off sick with a nervous breakdown. They were given 18m to recover but decided against going back.

I am undecided what I will do. Quite a bit of info on previous thread as to my history.

Feel free to pm me if you want to share experiences off board.

Weary wave to everyone else. I will catch up properly tomorrow. Right now I need to clear my head and sleep.

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:44:36

silvery - i live on cereal lately....i should try to bake - dd loves it when we bake.
ed - hope you are ok. sounds like something has shaken you - hope you can manage to process it and speak about it here when you are ready and if you want to. <hugs> to you if you need them tonight.

EdwiniasRevenge Mon 04-Feb-13 23:49:08

Honestly I'm fine. Nothing bad has happened to me

Just completely fatigued with yet another thing on my plate.

I live on jaffa cakes dunked in coffee and tinned chilli con carne when I can't be bothered with anything else (not together).

I also seem to have comforted myself with a LOT of chocolate over the last 10 days.

ThatVikRinA22 Mon 04-Feb-13 23:56:06

well i wondered why i dont lose weight when i can go a full day without food and then eat cereal but it has to be because i comfort myself with wine....i reckon chocolate has to be healthier in the great scheme of things.

i know that feeling - the cosmos has a way of just adding something extra to the mix when you least feel able to deal with it.

ive had this a few times in the last 2 weeks. nothing too dramatic but just more stuff to deal with.
my memory is abysmal at the minute and i think i just cant hold anything else in my head.

anyway, i night to knock off with the wine and go to bed. if i could read in bed i would be there now with my horsey magazine but DH goes at 6pm and i would disturb him....hence im still here.

goodnight all. may tomorrow be a good one for us all.

EdwiniasRevenge Tue 05-Feb-13 07:15:59

Amazing how things change overnight.

Awful nights sleep. Feel shite. House was abandoned last cups everywhere etc. Not take long to sort....but the thought of it...

My dcs are all in mixed up beds this morning. The older 2 were VERY late to bed so unlikely to co-operate this morning.

EdwiniasRevenge Tue 05-Feb-13 08:23:13

I have almost been sick several times.

I think it is stress/lack of sleep (less than 6hrs broken sleep)/not eating very much (and all crap) yesterday. I don't think it is noro. ...andbi hope vicar has escaped it.

My stomach is churning tho which it doesn't normally do with the stress.

I am therefore allowing me a duvet day...but I do have an email complaint to write later...all related to last night...

I feel rough sad

Amazing how something so small can affect you sooo bad when struggling with mental health.

Night all

ThatVikRinA22 Tue 05-Feb-13 10:16:25

Just a quickie by mobile - sorry to see you aren't feeling too good today - If you aren't feeling well then a duvet day is allowed I reckon. Hope u feel better after a sleep.
I haven't slept well for 2 nights now - earlywaking again - but have had to get up cos of builders. Saw Gp this morning - all good and got referral ti ENT now. she is happy to sign me off again if needed next week. I am being A taxi today for friends and we r going to cinema to see les mis .... A nice cheery film. Not. Talk later x

TheSilveryPussycat Tue 05-Feb-13 13:09:27

Ed hope you have a lovely duvet day.

vicar never underestimate the restorative power of a good weepie film...

NanaNina Tue 05-Feb-13 14:10:50

HELLO to everyone. I think quite a few posters were suggesting that as I have a good image of my headmonster, maybe hypnosis would be useful. Hadn't thought of that so will give it more thought. Think I would feel a bit daft telling a hypnotist about the HM though! He's asleep today thank god.

I reckon you are getting better too Vicar - there is a definite difference in the way you post now, from your earlier ones. Welcome MT - hope you read Vicar's posts about the horrendous side effects of ADs especially in the early days when you are on a very low dose. I know GPs tend to start you on a low dose but I certainly suffered horrendously after being put on a low dose by GP but like Vicar I had no side effects once the dose was increased. Depression is a deceitful illness- it's all about trial and error.

Think I can only manage to answer posts on this page, as I will get more mixed up if I start trawling back.

Ed something has upset you and when we are anxious we are hypersensitive. If you don't want to talk about it here, could you maybe PM Vicar or someone else with whom you "connect" with on the thread. Anyway glad you can have a duvet day today.

SPC (no one else will understand this!) it's something that arose on another thread with a very vulnerable MNetter with MH problems. I honestly cannot imagine anyone who has suffered severe depression comparing it to going to the dentist! The thing is though all our depressions are almost certainly different and so we don't know how it affects other people. I suppose all I can say is I would willingly sit in a dentist's chair having treatment for a week (or longer) than have acute depression which I get intermittently. Just a word about the extraction. I have had several because my teeth are crap, and my lovely dentist explained to me that people think extractions are about pulling teeth out, but it isn't, it's about pushing the tooth into the gum to break the ligament and then they kind of waggle the tooth about until it comes out. The cracking noise isn't nice but it's to be expected. No offence I hope !!

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