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Failing to admit depression

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amillionyears Wed 30-Jan-13 23:20:11

This might be helpful?

Shazy123 Wed 30-Jan-13 22:11:43

My brother had depression several years ago but is no longer with us I'm afraid. Having lived with someone with depression I do know some of the signs. My sister in-law stopped driving many years ago but kept making excuses that the car kept on breaking down, other little things that hinted that there was a problem was when she started wearing rubber gloves all the time. This went on for years without any help, because the family felt it was a stigma. She has had help now and is a lot better although there are still issues such as: she has a daughter who is now 14. She has been for years not allowed to visit her grandparents. If she calls with them we all have to remember not to let it slip out that she's been there, so we all pretend that she hasn't been! She will not let her daughter to go to birthday parties or out with her friends. A couple of months ago her eldest son was 18 and we tried to visit, but each time there was an excuse that they were going out. We were later told that the reason she didn't want to see us is because she was scared that we might have a carrier bag, and she is scared of carrier bags!
My worry now is that her 14yr old daughter started getting very ill last year, doctors can't find anything wrong with her. She is in terrible pain with her arm and doesn't take any part in games at school, can't do subjects at school that involves using both hands. She is really withdrawn and doesn't go anywhere anymore. We all know in our family that she is depressed and that her mother isn't helping her, but we feel that our hands are tied behind our backs as we can'd do anything about it. My husband tells me that it's not our business, but having seen what happened to my brother I feel we should be doing something, but what??

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