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Starting sertraline

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London29 Tue 12-Feb-13 21:37:16

Hey Geraldine
I think going back to the docs is a good plan. I think I spoke to you here on my thread last week about starting sertraline. I'm on day 8 now and I must admit I'm feeling a lot better. I was SO worried about being off work, and I understand the stress that causes. I went back to work yesterday and its the best thing I could have done - its lifted the stress and worry about not bring there so in turn made me feel a bit better. Also good to keep your mind active, and not sit at home over thinking.

I find the most anxious times for me are first thing in the morning when I wake up. But I take he tablet then, and on some days a diazepam to help calm me down.

I do hope you feel better soon. Keep at the meds - they will help x

GeraldineAubergine Mon 11-Feb-13 09:41:15

Havent written on this thread for a while. Im feeling much worse this week. very dark thoughts, very anxious. Could it be the sertraline, or just how I feel? Seeing doctor tomorrow, don't know whether to stop the tablets. cant seem to rest or make sense of my thoughts. Just wanted to write it down really. Feel very worried and guilty about still being signed off work.

GeraldineAubergine Wed 30-Jan-13 12:29:40

Thanks for replying, glad you are used to it now. I just feel so detached like I'm watching a film of my life. I'm so worried and have so little control. Hope the tablets help a bit.

ProudAS Wed 30-Jan-13 12:04:15

I've been on it for 3 weeks and I'm getting used to it. I have felt nauseous and had headaches but they seem to be clearing now.

GeraldineAubergine Wed 30-Jan-13 10:11:10

Thanks for your reply. I feel a bit more positive to day after seeking help and being signed off. I feel a bit nauseous and spacey though after my tablet. Everything seems so challenging.

zumo Tue 29-Jan-13 20:57:16

If it helps take it, dont expect an instant result but it will help.
I would just take the sleepers when you really need them, go for walks as excersice will help, Warm bath milky drink etc, try and fill your mind with stuff and not bad things, I know its hard but you will get through it, take any help offered, remeber you are not alone, good luck

GeraldineAubergine Tue 29-Jan-13 19:41:46

Hi all, I had a miscarriage in December and two erpc's. I started a phased return to work after 5 weeks of and I'm really struggling to cope with life really. My job is very stressful with a high level of responsibility. I'm having awful intrusive thoughts, extreme anxiety and very low. I admitted to a friend and my dp how I'm feeling. Dp took me to the doctor and I have started sertraline 50mg and zopiclone for night time. I just feel like I need to write it down really. I'm signed of for 4 weeks. Thanks for reading if you got to the end.

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