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quirrelquarrel Tue 29-Jan-13 09:56:04

Hey guys.

Basically I've had a couple of sessions of CBT, a few sessions with a counsellor which were interrupted (moved down for uni), eight sessions with a uni counsellor and now I've been told by the CPN that they have no long term (i.e. longer than eight weeks) therapy available. I'm on 40mg prozac and it keeps my head above the water but not much else, been diagnosed with depression. I'm sick of giving out the same old details to new people over and over (different GPs- uni health service- don't know why they can't just look at my details on the computer) and being on waiting lists forever, and I'm sure I was told at some point that I'd be able to have an indefinite amount of time with a therapist, but apparently that's not an option. I try to be positive about what they offer me but each time I go, the person is always trained only up to a certain point and what they say all seems rather superficial. I'm respectful but I always end up being disappointed. I do wonder if they see me just as a silly teenager who doesn't merit "proper help".

Could any of you tell me what kind of help you got on the NHS and if you encountered this, or if you do have a long term therapist? Also, if you pay for one, I'd really appreciate any info or advice you have on the subject. Thanks in advance.

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