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PND, anxiety or just stressed?

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I have a history of depression and anxiety. Last had anxiety after DS was born 2 years ago (but I think a lot of that was listening too much to other people and the fact he cried all the time and wouldn't sleep) - I've been free from depression for about 6 years. Basically for the last few weeks I've not been feeling myself at all, I've seen my GP who is referring me for counselling and to see the HV as he seems to think it's PND (I also have a DD who is 3 months) I am not so sure so thought I'd see what you all think. My symptoms are as follows:
Vision problems (deterioration/trouble focusing)
Concentration problems
Difficulty making decisions/I feel unable to 'think straight' especially when toddler is yelling at me and I often snap at him or burst into tears feeling I can't cope
Lack of appetite or binging
Loss of confidence/worry I can't get things right
Short temper/rage
Knot in stomach/clenched teeth/aching muscles (the usual anxiety stuff)
Loss of libido/flinch when touched as it tickles (could be the breastfeeding as I'm feeding both and have serious nursing aversion with DS)
Unsociable - I'm forcing myself to go out at least once a day but I don't feel in the mood to talk to many people who know me well and I don't feel I'm much good at conversation any more

I have no family support so I wonder if this is just normal for a parent at home with a headstrong toddler and baby who needs holding all day long and has begun to fight sleep (feeding off my anxiety I wonder?)

I'm trying to have some early nights and look after myself a bit. I'm also looking into parenting courses but not sure there are any in my area. I can PND manifest itself like this? I've no ill feeling towards my DC or thoughts of self harm or anything like that, I also don't feel down, just stressed and a bit grumpy (although I suspect if not sorted it could lead to depression)

any thoughts or advice?

Crawling Fri 25-Jan-13 14:48:19

PND can manifest like that and often anxiety and depression coincide You dont have to want to self harm to be depressed. I think your gp is right and sounds very good I hope you feel better soon.

Chislemum Fri 25-Jan-13 17:38:11

How much sleep do you get? Trying to have an early night.... but do you get any sleep? Your GP sounds sensible. I am grumpy and stressed too and your post makes me think about my situation too.

My mum is very ill and I live in a different country, DS is just under 6 months and I worry about having to go back to work and catch every cold there is.... feeling stressed and grumpy but not down. I also find the weather makes me grumpy and gloomy. All the very best to you. x

I know its not that cut and dried crawling but ive been depressed and I felt very low and negative, I don't feel that way at all right now but it's interesting you say PND can manifest that way. Obviously if it is that then I want to get it treated ASAP. My DM thinks she had it with me and she couldn't bond with me and she didn't treat me very nicely which may have partly been due to the fact she 'soldiered on' and didn't get help for it.

Sleep - erm yes apart from 2-3 night feeds and a couple of toilet trips I do sleep but ive been having a few late nights recently perhaps 1-1.5 hours less than usual and although I don't feel particularly tired I think perhaps it is having a cumulative effect. Thank you both for replying, im not opposed to getting help if I need it, I just don't want to accept a diagnosis if it's as simple as having a few early nights and learn to deal with rambunctious toddler and baby grin grin

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