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How do I support and encourage my friend?

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equinox Thu 24-Jan-13 04:03:32

I have a male friend (a friendship yet at times a borderline relationship) whose mother is bi-polar and is aged 84. Her husband is going to die this week as he is already in a nursing home and his family have signed a form to prevent their father going into hospital to die (he is refusing to eat). My friend is single and does not always communicate well with his siblings they also have the same problem and end up communicating via each others' partners etc however he has no partner so it is hard for him to talk to them apparently....

He has been extremely involved with his mother's wellbeing over the past year or so. It to me is getting more and more unhealthy for him although it is hard to gage as I am on the outside and have never met his family. He rings her every day and visits her twice a week.

He has never had any counselling in his life I advised him on Boxing Day when he visited me and my son to think about getting some (I am awaiting CBT of my own shortly) as I have had counselling in the past I felt qualified to comment. He has been unable to work over the past year by and large owing to anxiety and panic attacks of his own.

What else can I do to encourage him? I would be so grateful for people's comments!

amillionyears Thu 24-Jan-13 10:51:44

Has he been to the GP about the anxiety and panic attacks?
Sorry to hear about his dad.

equinox Thu 24-Jan-13 12:36:14

No amillion he hasn't been to the GP which does sound rather incredible I know however he has heard me rave about my GP and my medication for my anxiety issues and I am awaiting CBT so hopefully these bits of good news my end will inspire him somehow.

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