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dont like my new dr ....again!

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WithanAnotE Fri 25-Jan-13 21:30:49

Seeing a private psychiatrist can cost £350 per hour (London/home counties).

If you are thinking of private CBT therapist this varies from £60 to £150.

To see a therapist you can usually self refer. Some psychiatrists do allow it too,

Remember though these aren't one-off costs, it will depend on the number of sessions required, and gets very expensive quickly if you are self-funding.

amillionyears Tue 22-Jan-13 09:51:32

Sorry you are having a hard time.
I am afraid I found your post quite hard to follow.
I got mixed up between, who you lik,ed and didnt like.

Have I got this right?
You like the current GP
You liked the previous GP
You liked the old consultant
But dont like any consultants/and whoever else you have seen in hospital since?

dopamax Mon 21-Jan-13 19:45:15

been under mental health for 31 yrs! Only ever seen consultants.
My long term dr retired 18 months ago .....gutted.
Got a new one.....disliked him on sight, rude and cold, had been diagnosed with bipolar for yrs, he took this diagnosis away on 2nd visit! After 1 yr and a complaint , I withdrew from service, my fab gp agreed.
Within a month had gone so downhill she had to re refer me.....obviously to a dif team/dr.
Had first app month ago, it was fine. Saw her again last week, was in there 7 mins!!! Told her I was worse.....not sleeping, night terrors ...... I had not washed , bathed, cleaned hair or teeth for x3 weeks, really stressed this to her.She made no comment.
When I got a copy of letter she sent to my gp, she stated that I was a wellkept women...ffs! I called her to see how she could justify that after my comments that were made, she just waffled........
I dont want to go back but know I need help, but how can I moan again??
She is not a consultant either which bugs me rightly or wrongly.
The last dr promised me cbt.....never happened, have lost all faith but my life is falling around me. Should perhaps I save and go private?
Seeing gp next week.

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