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a very bad week

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UnicornCentaur Fri 18-Jan-13 22:58:20

I'm not sure where to start. Nothing bad happened but i feel like it has and haven't been able to get out of bed.

I spoke to someone at university yesterday and they said they'd check on me today but with the snow they must have forgotten. I am known to the CMHT and will see my counsellor next week but things are getting worse really fast and i just can't sit there and tell her that. They know i am depressed but have started self harming when things get bad as it helps with the stress and have noticed that im planning quite a lot too although i don't think i am a suicide risk

Can anyone offer any practical help for getting through the weekend? I'm on my own and can't really go out because of the snow. My concentration is shot but i know im not helping myself by sitting staring at the wall...

HellesBelles396 Sat 26-Jan-13 23:22:18

not to be flippant - if people were good at dealing with the lows, there wouldn't psychotherapy or ad's. what is involved in psychotherapy? I had cbt.

UnicornCentaur Sat 26-Jan-13 23:35:59

I am currently having cbt but given that my diagnosis has changed im not sure they wont change it for a different kind. I know that I won't find the answer in a bottle of pills but things are a bit out of control atm and I want something to put that control back so I can sort it out

HellesBelles396 Sun 27-Jan-13 08:06:14

completely understand that feeling.
ok so atm:
you're medicated
in therapy
somewhat estranged from home
feeling unsupported at uni

is that right?
are you attending lectures?

have you been to student support or the chaplaincy? both good sources of support when I was struggling at uni.

do you have any other family member / friend away from uni who has been a good source of support in the past?

have you checked out mental health support groups local to you?

or one of the university societies could be a good source of companionship - a crafting one perhaps?

UnicornCentaur Mon 28-Jan-13 18:05:36

Hi Helles!

I had a good weekend and i think i am past my latest crisis, so hopefully it will be a while before i'm back there.

You have everything right, i attend lectures very sporadically but i go whenever i can. I access support in uni but it was them who initiated my referral to the CMHT because they felt i was beyond the help they could offer. I do still see someone occasionally but now its mostly sorted out by external people. My uni is really small and doesn't have the resources that the bigger ones seem to have.

It's funny you should mention crafting, i never used to do it but since i've been ill i have made loads of stuff. We started a craft group last year, it helps and i have made loads of different stuff. I am also part of one of the sports teams but we havent trained since xmas because of the terrible weather. Exercise is generally good for my mood but i'm crap at doing any on my own.

My support system sort of dissolved before xmas for various reasons and by pure bad luck i ended up with no-one who knows the full story. I'm working at this but for the time being i will look up local support groups because i'm sure that would be helpful.

Thanks for bearing with me
Part of my problem is that i work like crazy to avoid being depressed to the point it is dangerous but nothing seems to work

HellesBelles396 Mon 28-Jan-13 22:39:01

I too do everything I can not to get depressed but it is dangerous for people prone to anxiety/depression to have too many rules because of the consequences of not sticking to them.

you sound so much more positive today - I'm really pleased - and everything outlined sounds good. do you think, though, that people need your back story to offer you support? something to think about.

just post if you start struggling again and it'll move back up my I'm on. all the best smile

coxspippin Sat 16-Feb-13 10:10:14

are there any friends there who may be sympathetic/ understanding who could spend some time with you at the weekends, perhaps take a short walk with when the snow goes, or have a coffee and chat with you indoors? are your family aware you are seeking treatment, do they phone you during the weekend? i'm sorry you feel so unwell and hope you may get some relief.

UnicornCentaur Wed 20-Feb-13 01:24:33

Buggar....things have been going quite well for a bit and now they are on the slide again.

Its hard to say what is causing it, i've missed some counselling because of other commitments and i got an upsetting email from an ex-friend. Other than that things have been fine. You know when you get that feeling like you are running flat out to stay still and its not enough? I've got that.

Thank you for the reply coxpippin and i do have some good friends that help most of the time. We are all on a rather stressful uni course so sometimes people are too busy but mostly they are very supportive. My family are aware that i'm having treatment but are not supportive so i find their phonecalls more frustrating than helpful.

I've let the support people in uni know that things aren't so good but i hate feeling like i'm sitting around waiting for things to get either better or worse...

coxspippin Sat 23-Feb-13 13:50:15

sorry your family aren't so supportive at the moment- maybe they will change their mind and be more caring for you. hope you have a reasonable weekend if you can.

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