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Help me help my friend

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letsgoflyakite Wed 09-Jan-13 20:30:47

My friend seems to be suffering from some kind of psychotic episode.

Bit of back-story:

Mid 30's, single with no children. Back in October started suffering with depression. Signed off work, started anti-depressants. Suicidal thoughts and self-harming actions.

She has continued to feel like this, and in November/December, she started hearing voices. She said it was like two groups of people fighting in her head; some saying positive things and others saying negative things. She went back to the GP who changed her medications.

Since the end of December the voices have become predominately one voice... that of an evil man who wants "a baby fresh from the womb". He wants her to kidnap a pregnant woman, perform a caesarian section and keep the baby.

She says it's not just pregnant women. The voice told her to run over everyone she sees and in the supermarket car park the voice was calculating how to kill all of the people that she saw. She sometimes 'sees' the voice as a man, but it is mostly in her head.

She went back to the GP today after the really traumatic supermarket trip. He sent the crisis team out to see her, for the third time since Christmas. She will have a review with a consultant psychologist tomorrow regarding a medication review.

This afternoon, she had a visit from the police. They came after the Crisis Team called them because they were so concerned about her welfare and the safety of others. The police were happy that she wasn't at immediate risk and left her at home. They left her with elastic bands tied round her hands, and every finger, so they are swollen and blue and she will not be able to do anything to a pregnant woman. She was also surrounded by bits of paper that she'd written, telling the voice to go away and to leave her alone.

I've spoken to her on the phone and she sounds great. Laughing and joking, being her normal, lovely self. She knows the thoughts in her head are not normal, but she says even though she knows it's irrational she is scared she could do something to hurt someone.

I've kind of said that I feel she should be admitted somewhere, and that she could self-refer to avoid being sectioned, but I might be completely making this up. I've got no idea if it is possible to do this. She wants to be admitted somewhere because she wants help. She knows that she has some serious mental health problems and she does want to be fixed.

She hasn't told the crisis team everything because... well... I don't know why. But she has promised me that when they go to see her tomorrow that she will come clean.

Not really sure why I am posting here really. Not sure what I want from you lovely lot. Just to get it out I suppose, because I've had very limited experience with mental health and I have no idea how to deal with it.

Maybe someone can tell me if you can self-refer to mental health hospitals? Maybe someone can just hold my hand? Maybe someone can send her some lovely thoughts? I don't know.

Thanks for reading, anyway.

Crawling Wed 09-Jan-13 20:47:13

It does sound like she needs to be admitted she probably is not telling them everything because of paranoia. Is there anyway you could speak to crisis with her tomorrow and voice your concerns? As for self referral she can go to A and E. or call crisis withbut they are likely to section her if she tells the truth. Sorry that's all I can advise but I just wanted to say you are a truly amazing friend and I wish I had one like you a very unmnetly hug to you and I hope your friend gets the help she needs soon.

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