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Counselling - can someone give me some advice on what would be best

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freddiefrog Tue 08-Jan-13 20:53:44

This is about a young 16 year old girl I know who has recently admitted she's depressed, and she thinks she's an alcoholic (I agree with her). She is a cannabis user who is worried that she will start using more hardcore drugs and has admitted she uses drugs and alcohol to cope with the shittiness of her life

Her mother is a long term heroin user who is currently in prison awaiting sentence (probably very substantial) for drugs offences

Dad is a long term alcoholic.

The girl had been sleeping rough for several months, prostituting herself for drugs, alcohol, accommodation and food but is now in foster care

The drinking is becoming worse, she's vulnerable and puts herself in dangerous situations. She's been arrested several times in the last couple of weeks when she's been drunk.

She really, really wants to change her life, wants to go back to school and college, loves art and singing but the alcohol always wins out.

She has had some counselling through the Youth Trust in the past and found it a waste so time so isn' receptive to going through something like that again. She also doesn't engage well with people she perceives to be in authority - social workers, police, official counsellors that she has to see as part of her court orders, etc, so I was wondering if a private therapist might have more success but I have no real idea what I'm looking for


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