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i know i need to get a grip, but am really struggling

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amillionyears Sun 06-Jan-13 13:46:44

You do not need to "get a grip".
You are just not feeling quite yourself.

From a practical standpoint, can you write a letter for the CBT?

Instead of phone calls for other things, can you text?

And do you have to drive to see you nan?
Can you go by bus or train. Or someone else drive everyone?

Kveta Sun 06-Jan-13 10:01:35

I was diagnosed with mild PND a couple of months ago, and have been referred for CBT, but due to having to wait for ages for a GP appt, the referral came through over Christmas, and I haven't called them to set it up yet.

The main problem at the moment is a crippling fear of phoning anyone, and I don't know why! I need to call them to get the CBT started, but just cannot bring myself to pick up the phone. Break out in a clammy sweat if I even think about it, and it has been preying on my mind since I got the referral letter on new year's eve.

My main symptom of PND has been/is anxiety over travelling outside areas I know well, so it is pretty limiting, and my parents want me to drive up and visit my nan in her new house soon, but I just can't stop worrying about the journey. It is only an hour away, I have been once before, but got horribly lost, and drove round Peterborough looking for a way out whilst DD screamed and DS got out of his car seat.

Mum had PND when my sister was born and because I am not having the same problems she did, does not believe I have anything to worry about, so is incredibly dismissive of my anxiety, just telling me to get more sleep. Problem is, I can't sleep for worrying about the driving, or phoning the mental health team, so it is a bit of a vicious circle at the moment.

Not sure why I'm writing this, maybe it will help me get a bloody grip and call them tomorrow, as clearly I am being totally pathetic at the moment.

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