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Pickles77 Wed 02-Jan-13 22:21:58

I am on Venlaflaxine, my side effects are weight gain hmm but don't find it helps me much but I'm scared to find out without, back to gp with me smile

MrsBonkers Wed 02-Jan-13 02:57:53

I was on 150mg when I got pregnant and weaned myself off it (after discussing with dr) by 6 months.
You should be fine if you take it s l o w

frillynat81 Wed 02-Jan-13 00:22:55

Do you know what side effects she had? I haven't discussed coming off it with my gp yet. Before I got discharged from my psychiatrist she said that ideally she would like for me to be on only one mood stabiliser. So I have the Venlafaxine and 2 other medications to start thinking about weaning off. Obviously with support from my GP.

Shesparkles Wed 02-Jan-13 00:12:47

I've been on 375mg for 10 years and have no intentions of coming off it. I've discussed it with my GP and she supports me.
A friend came off it, but she reduced her dose over a very long time, it took her the best part of a year to get off it. Because she did it over such a long period she didn't have massive side effects.

frillynat81 Wed 02-Jan-13 00:09:07

Anyone on this? What have your experiences/side effects of the drug been? I'm currently on 70mg a day but know that I will have to start withdrawal in the next few months as I'm a lot better. I've heard a few horror stories.

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