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Early days of Citalopram - will it get better?

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CarolineLHol Tue 01-Jan-13 20:17:18

After a good pregnancy, working up to the end, I don't think I really spent enough time thinking about the life changing choice we had made and I have struggled to get my head around being a mum from the beginning. Baby gave me a scare within the first few hours but is fully recovered and is an absolute angel. Her mum however has been a yoyo of emotions.
After a tearful and being at my lowest over Christmas I'm now on day 4 of Citalopram. But am feeling awful and scared that im not going to be normal again. No appetite and not able to sleep (not slept properly for 2 months) and feel like I am a robot around my baby.

Was hoping to hear some reassurance that it will get better.

Sparklingbrook Sun 13-Jan-13 19:28:59

Hi all. I truly believe the hotness is the Citalopram. I was never this warm before. I get quite warm in the mornings too.

Sparklingbrook Sun 13-Jan-13 19:29:55

Actually I remember seeing the GP in the first few months of taking it. As I walked in she said 'Oooh are you nice and warm'? grin

CarolineLHol Sun 13-Jan-13 19:40:23

I have been having terrible hot sweats in the night which kept me awake all night. I was told it was side effects of Citalopram and will go eventually.

I'm seeing my GP in the morning I'll ask.

HellesBelles396 Sun 13-Jan-13 19:45:38

It's amazing how that I didn't really question something that doesn't really impact on my life and just put up with it!

perspective Sun 13-Jan-13 20:06:22

I get very hot at night too! Ok in the day but often wake up uncomfortably sweaty. Good practice for the menopause I guess! ( not far off it I think).

I have very definitely felt more positive today, like I have more energy to get on top of this thing. I cooked a roast and thought to myself ' I will not let this mess up my life'. I have much to be thankful for, a wonderful dh and treasured ds, job, home, friends. It feels hopeful today.

We will all feel better soon. X

CarolineLHol Sun 13-Jan-13 20:13:36

Perspective I am so glad you had a great day, its cheered me up to hear that.

I Could have done with a roast today, Bf tried his best with a lamb chop, but managed to incinerate it! just ordered pizza.

perspective Sun 13-Jan-13 20:44:59

<Have some virtual leftovers>

HellesBelles396 Sun 13-Jan-13 21:12:18

Brill post perspective - no applause smiley so have some thanks

madas Tue 15-Jan-13 10:04:30

Well thats week over, im always tired, cant eat in the evening and my dreams omg lol

perspective Tue 15-Jan-13 19:28:56

Early days madas. My side effects have really settled down apart from poor sleep. I think the first couple of weeks are the hardest.

perspective Fri 18-Jan-13 07:53:18

Just bumping to see how everyone is?

I had first good nights sleep last night - hurray! Feels like a milestone. My anxiety is definately better, particularly if occupied, so my main goal in the coming weeks is to try and plan things for the days I am not working so I've got a structure.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. Keep at it. x

CarolineLHol Fri 18-Jan-13 13:41:42

Hi Perspective, great to hear things are getting better and better.

I'm Still struggling during the day, feel fine before I take the tablet and then bang half an hour afterwards I'm hit with tiredness and feeling fed-up and un enthusiastic until drugs wear off around 5 ish.
Planning to changing taking my tablet to the evening to see if that makes any different. Still very confused to whether these are still side effects I am feeling or this medication doesn't suit me- its very hard to judge.

madas Fri 18-Jan-13 15:46:45

Hi all, Perspective glad to see ur having a positive day smile Caroline i take mine just before i go to bed but still feel tired in the morning. But this could be to do with the fact i wake up at 2ish every night and cat nap till i get up at 6. My biggest problem is my appetite and being unable to eat in the evening.

HellesBelles396 Fri 18-Jan-13 16:00:09

I gather your sleep is more likely to be disturbed if you take them in the evening.

I've just had my dose increased but only going up 10mg a month so shouldn't have any side effects.

perspective Fri 18-Jan-13 17:15:43

Agree Helles. Madas, I have the same problem regarding night waking. I have now switched to morning and slept much better last night.

Caroline, are you seeing your GP again soon? Hope you start to feel better soon.

madas Sun 20-Jan-13 10:19:15

Hi all, hope your having a stress free day smile

HellesBelles396 Sun 20-Jan-13 11:17:56

woke up feeling good - can't be increase of dose already though

biff23 Sun 20-Jan-13 11:30:43

I was on it for a year and the early days were hard, but stick with it as it was brilliant. Really turned my health around, I was paranoid, low and had terrible anxiety. I initially took it in the morning but swapped to 6-7pm as it made me very tired.

Stick with it, I really thought it was a brilliant med and wouldn't hesitate to go on if I needed to again.

perspective Sun 20-Jan-13 20:05:29

What a good way to start the day Helles. Hope it continued through the day.

I am really starting to feel more normal. Not much energy and quite flat, but it feels like a big improvement. Really hope others are starting to feel some benefit.

HellesBelles396 Sun 20-Jan-13 20:44:37

I'm glad for you perspective my good mood continued for most of the day and I got most of my to-do list done. I had a slump early evening when ibs flared up giving lots of tummy aches and bloating. boo hiss.

Steffanoid Mon 21-Jan-13 13:53:12

hi all,
i take 20mg currently,
i've been on various doses of citalopram for the past 2 years, from 10mg which did nothing for me, right up to 40mg when i was having a very bad time, i can only speak good things about it, it calms my anxiety and depression so much, i've been seeing an amazing counsellor throughout the whole 2 years as wekk, sometimes every other week sometimes once a month and at the moment every 6 weeks or so, it has helped me no end over the past 2 years and i feel like i am a "high functioning crazy lady" for want of a better description, things have been pretty rubbish over the past 6 months (my dad died unexpectedly a week before my birthday and fathers day in 2012) but with my tablets and counselling i was back at work inabout 3 weeks, everyone i work with to start with when i told them were a bit shocked about the depression and medication thing but they're used to mebeing honest with them, if i'm having a cr@p day i'll tell someone, or if i don't feel i can say it out loud i'll email one of them and they'll email me back, going on citalopram gave me the strength and confidence to get out of a rubbish job with no prospects into a full time job with people who are actually bothered, 2 years ago i couldn't have done that at all, i'm getting there with the huge feelings of guilt and the saying no topeople every now and again,
stick with it and you will get there,
wow sorry just noticed this is a huge post

Campari Mon 21-Jan-13 19:03:46

I've been on Citalopram for just over two weeks. I've certainly felt more chilled out in general, & the anxiety has lifted, for example I have always felt scared about debts & pushed them away.....but now Im tackling them head on with optimism. I am also finding it easier to study & concentrate for longer, because I actually now find it relaxing!

The only downside I have experienced is I occasionally have ''spaced out'' episodes when I want to be alone & quiet, and find people's voices irritating. It only lasts for a few hours and I usually go for a lie down. Obviously I can't do that at work though, and thats when its worse...

HellesBelles396 Mon 21-Jan-13 19:07:23

campari I get that all the time. I always thought I was just a bit further up the autistic spectrum than most people!

Sparklingbrook Mon 21-Jan-13 19:14:24

I have been driving in the snow. Hate driving in the snow. Citalopram makes you brave, smile

perspective Mon 21-Jan-13 21:10:01

Brave! That's great Sparkling.

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