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Emetophobia- new thread as other was full, all welcome.

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Marne Sun 23-Dec-12 13:45:56

Hope you all manage to find this smile, i just used up the last post on the other thread.

pinkkoala Thu 11-Jul-13 19:50:23

Just a quick one, i am sure i have this, i go into panic mode when dd, 8 comes home from school and says someone was sent home with a sick bag, it happened today, i then almost interrogate her with questions.
Is mottilium any good and can you buy it over the counter or is it prescription. Does it actually prevent vomiting from a bug.

sw25 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:33:14

Hello everyone. I'm new to this thread but certainly not new to emet. I am 35 and pretty much had it my whole life, since age of 7.

Anyway, currently 8 months pregnant and have experienced severe nausea pretty much the entire pregnancy. Have been on anti emetics and sedatives, and now doc and consultant want me on anti depressants, sertraline or citalipram. Anyone had experience of either? Terrified of nausea side effects of course, and wondering if it's really worth it with only 6 weeks to go until birth. Have also just been diagnosed with pregnancy related gallstone, which has really sent me over the edge. Now predicting pain and projectile vomming if/when I get an attack.

You all seem to have children though, which gives me hope. How on earth did you get through pregnancy and birth with this bloody disease (in my view it is a disease. Phobia doesn't adequately cover just how life limiting it can be).

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