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What other people think.......

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laluna Mon 17-Dec-12 21:54:50

A little background - I suffered from PND after having both of my children (now 11 & 6) and was medicated with citalopram after my eldest. Since then, my symptoms had settled into a pattern of infrequent anxiety attacks which became much worse following a physical illness this spring. I started sertraline and tried to take control of things again by making some significant changes in life (new job, ditching draining friends etc). Things are ok but the anxiety and feeling wired, wound up and worried creeps in a bit at times.

Now, the point! My best friend is aware of my PND and illness in the spring but hasn't had direct experience of it. Out of context to me she has said things like 'I just don't get this depression thing' or ' I really can't related to this depression business'. Whilst it may be a bit insensitive I really do not believe she is being deliberately personal. However I feel really upset and a bit hurt that she obviously doesn't understand and avoids me if I am going through a hard time. She is everything I am not - strong, very much in control, excellent at everything etc (I do feel inferior in some ways)but I would love some support and understanding and don't know how to get it.

frillynat81 Mon 17-Dec-12 22:26:55

I think some people are still a little naive when it comes to mental health issues. The give yourself a good shake and paint a smile on your face technique! Why don't you have a look online to see if there any support groups nearby?

keekeeblue Tue 18-Dec-12 10:18:56

I think some people are scared of mental health illness. They feel uncomfortable and don't know what to say. It is such a different response than if you had a physical illness. My parents don't understand my anxiety and therefore try to ignore it and never ask how I am feeling.

I have also noticed that the people who seem to be in control and are good at everything are probably like swans....all serene and calm on top and paddling like the clappers underneath. Remember we all have our many problems and those who seem perfect are probably just as frightened of losing control as everyone else.

I have looked on the MIND website and they have local groups, maybe you could contact them for some support.

amillionyears Wed 19-Dec-12 08:16:33

I also think some people may think they may catch it in some way.
Perhaps you could send her a couple of links from google, that accurately describe how you feel.
Unfortuneately, unless she gets it herself, I dont think she will be a very supportive friend about this part of your life.

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