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Can I have Valium or similar drug prescribed long term?

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Notmyselfatall Sun 16-Dec-12 01:00:09

Hiya, I am a lone parent with 3 kids, dd, 11, ds, nearly 6 with severe special needs and dd, 9 weeks old.
I have a history of severe depression and severe postnatal depression and also severe OCD. I have been prescribed Diazepam 5mg on and off over the years along with anti depressants. Have bn on all antidepressants and the one that seems to work for me is citalopram. I am now up to 40mg and feel it working. I just feel like when I am taking diazepam, I function much better and am more motivated, enjoy life more etc. Most of the time, I shut myself away, only see my mum and dad, see my sister sometimes as she works a lot but would still say we are close. I have 3 friends who really help me out, although I shut myself away, I feel like I need someone here at nights etc as I get lonely, even tho the kids are here. I have my 3 kids to different guys. My dd I had when I was young, her dad and me split when she was 11 weeks, I then after a year met my ds's dad, we were together 7 years, was on my own a while and the first serious relationship I got into again, I fell pregnant with dd. He was the nicest guy but my hormones Etc and depression played havoc and we split. He was in touch every week, last I heard from him was May, baby was due October, I got in touch with him 2-3 weeks ago and he came to see her, sed he was over the moon, brought her clothes etc, was texting me afterwards saying I had looked good when he saw me etc, we discussed giving it another go very cautiously tho, taking it very very slow, then he out of nowhere started ignoring my texts and has now sed he wants nothing to do with me and doesn't want to see our dd. I keep texting him just for him to ignore me or tell me he wants nothing to
Do with me. Sorry for long post, just want you to all know the situation to date. Ty all in advance for any replies and god do I need replies !

Millie2013 Sun 16-Dec-12 08:49:22

Generally, no (sorry). They are not intended for long-term use because of their addictive potential. But there might be other drug options to try, so why not have a chat with your GP? The other option is counselling, or similar talking therapies, to explore what is behind how you are feeling. Again, your GP should be able to advise as to what is available in your area.

Another thought: Are you getting enough support in caring for your son with SN? There may be support groups, or one to one support available

FlojoHoHoHo Sun 16-Dec-12 08:59:12

From reading your story I wonder why you were ever prescribed them in the first place. Nothing in your post explains how diazepam would actually benefit you. I think you need some form of talking therapy, though I suspect you have had this too.
Does DS live with you? I would have thought you'd get lots of support with him, lots of social groups and gatherings with parents with similar SN? And additional support like Homestart etc? Since DD2 is so young, speak to your health visitor and make sure everything is in place.
Diazepam is not the answer.

frillynat81 Sun 16-Dec-12 09:59:44

By the sounds of it, you need some kind of talking therapy? I don't think you can be on Diazepam long term, no. I wouldn't want to be on them long term either, surely you'd be like a zombie?! And they are very addictive. I've had Lorazepam (similar) prescribed to me a few times but only 7 days worth of tablets at a time.

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