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Anxiety attack - husband's reaction

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blueandanxious Fri 14-Dec-12 10:49:38

I sent my child to school this morning in his school uniform - unfortunately today was dress-down day and I had forgotten about it. As soon as I realised it, I confirmed I could get a bag of regular home clothes to him, and rushed back home to get it.

I had a mild anxiety attack - I was breathing quite hard and fast (I have asthma but mild it is under control without meds/inhalers); I was very agitated and rushing about trying to pack the clothes. I have been going through a phase of feeling very guilty and depressed about being a bad mother to my child. (I am anxious and over-react in situations, otherwise my child is very well-cared for, loved, appreciated and happy)

My husband was in - and - I suspect - got quite pissed off with me for behaving like a crazy person. He is not a violent person and is usually very kind. Unless I "misbehave" by throwing a panic attack.

He said "Calm down or I will have to slap you". He grabbed me, and I hit out and stamped on his foot with my boot to get him off. My fury at his reaction to my attack did stop my shallow breathing. When I asked him how he could think of hitting someone so scared and upset, he says "It worked didn't it" I fully expect him to try to physically restrain me if I get agitated again, because he believes that it works.

I think he loves me. I have nothing but apathy/anger for him most of the time.

Tell me, was what he did right? It worked, but it was not kind was it? I feel terrible.

amillionyears Fri 14-Dec-12 11:31:02

I would not have liked that either.

You had not agreed to him doing that if you have an attack.
So make sure he knows not to do it again.
You say he is kind and probably loves you, so once you have discussed it all calmly with him, he should know not to do that again.

Do you want to talk about your apathy/anger for him on this thread?

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