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Two psychotic episodes in the past 12 months. Doc thinks I might have bipolar.

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Latara Thu 13-Dec-12 10:56:18

I'm recovering from psychosis, taking Aripiprazole 15mg, also have depression (taking Venlafaxine 225mg) & 'hypomanic' rapid cycling episodes but keep being told it's all part of Borderline... hmmm hmm

Not sure i believe that as BPD patients aren't meant to be that medicated, are they? The Psychiatrist & CPN say that they 'don't believe in labels' but i'd like to know what's going on really.

Good luck OP for your diagnosis & treatment, I think the Psych Drs are more honest if you are currently 'well' by the way, as they don't like to upset people maybe, so hopefully they will be straight with you.

Or am i being paranoid again? I don't know now.

WithanAnotE Wed 12-Dec-12 21:06:51

Echo Crawling's thoughts, sorry to hear.
There are so many meds out there, you will find ones that will work for you.
Glad that you are seeing a specialist too.
Once the psych and you are comfortable things are under control I am sure that you will feel might much more positive about your outlook. Please don't despair, there are many positive stories here on MN too from other posters with similar MH issues. Best wishes.

Crawling Wed 12-Dec-12 17:11:14

Just to say I'm sorry about your diagnosis I have type 1 bipolar /scizoaffective (scizoaffective means all the symptoms of type 1 bipolar but more pronounced psychosis and separate psychotic episodes without a mood disturbance) I have found I react well to most meds they all work well anyway I have gained weight on most but other than that its been fine and gaining weight is a small price to pay for sanity. You will probably find the same so try not to worry too much about the meds but you will have a few symptoms at first but they fade after a few weeks.

mawbroon Wed 12-Dec-12 16:54:32

I'm seeing a psychiatrist.

I had a psychotic episode last year brought on by stress, followed by post psychotic depression. A couple of weeks ago, I had what really closely fits the mania description. I am pretty sure that the psychiatrist is right sad

I just learned today that psychosis is one of the illnesses that you have to inform the DVLA about, so I will prob have my license suspended until my psychiatrist gives the DVLA the ok, which he will, but it's still a PITA.

WithanAnotE Wed 12-Dec-12 16:10:50

Psychotic episodes aren't unique to bipolar. People with depression (unipolar), schizophrenia and other MH conditions can also experience these. Equally, you can be bipolar, depressed, schizophrenic etc without necessarily always experiencing psychotic episodes.
Bipolar involves cycling from a manic state to a depressive one. This can be very pronounced (bipolar I) or might be less so (bipolar II).
Are you seeing a GP or a psychiatrist?

mawbroon Wed 12-Dec-12 13:53:28

And I think he's right from what I've read.

I feel very mixed about this. Almost glad on the one hand that we might have found out what the problem is yet angry and frightened about it too.

I don't like to think about what I might have to go through to find the right meds. But also disappointed that all the things I felt during the last episode were not real and my life isn't as wonderful as it felt then sad

I know that people can live a normal life with bipolar, but it's like I don't know what normal is any more. I am sitting here waiting to see if I am going to get another depression this time which is probably the surest way to get one, but I can't help it.

Any words of advice?

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