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horrible flashbacks :'(

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run4it Sat 15-Dec-12 21:37:41

Might just be that you're ready for/ would benefit from counselling? Gets worse before it gets better, but don't be afraid - they're used to people finding it difficult to talk. My counsellor recommended antidepressants as well, and the combination really worked for me - just helped me get back on my feet and find perspective again. Had a bad wobble again a few years ago, and eventually carried myself off to the doctor again for more antidepressants - felt I'd learnt enough techniques through my counselling previously to deal with that side of it. However, i have a friend who finds it helpful to go to counselling each time she has a wobble - she just likes the extra perspective. sending you hugs

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 13:11:10

just plucked d courage to wrIte to samaritans before I do something stupid!

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 11:47:35

I dnt know where all these thoughts have suddenly come from.... I've had relapses before but this time it feels so much harder to switch my mind off from it. I feel like I'm back there again & it's happening all over!

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 11:41:56

thank you so much for replying ICouldBeYou sorry my fone battery died last night. It didn't help much but at least I tried it.

I think it's time to seek professional help but I really dnt know what I'll be able to say. I just freeze up sad

ICouldBeYou Wed 12-Dec-12 00:36:02

I've heard worse

ICouldBeYou Wed 12-Dec-12 00:32:02

Have you tried relaxation techniques? If you could google and find something to listen to, even if it is shit it can distract you from the horrible stuff for a wee while?

I'm lazy with relaxation techniques but a few that have worked is imagining you can fly (swimming style) and going to visit people or places you love and imagining them at night/that moment, imagining the world from above - very calming.

I'll see if I can find you a link...

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 00:24:32

so many typos sorry brain is just too tired sad

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 00:23:18

so many typos sorry brain is just too tired sad

PainForLife Wed 12-Dec-12 00:20:38

I cnt stop thinking about bad n horrible things that happened to me in the past. not that my sleep was any good before but nowit's completely gone. any tips hw to divert my mind just door tonight song can get a decent night kip!!!

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