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I worry about everything constantly

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Sparklingbrook Sun 09-Dec-12 18:33:36

Have you any time for exercise? it really helps to clear the mind. i walk and listen to the radio.

amillionyears Sun 09-Dec-12 17:46:57

I think you need to work on your self esteem.
There may be books to help on this.

And stop reading stuff that depresses you, like cheating husbands on MN..
Watch comedy, happy stuff, and maybe stay away from the news for a while.
It is quite easy to get life a bit out of perspective.

AnnoyedAtWork Sun 09-Dec-12 17:42:20

Thank you for your message. I do think it is partly being so used to worrying that you look for things to worry about! I have always been quite an anxious person yes. I will see if I can get counselling on the NHS as I can't afford it really. Yoga helps but again time and money constraints.

Sparklingbrook Sun 09-Dec-12 14:31:54

Hello Madame. Do you think counselling would help?

I have recently had counselling for anxiety. My counsellor said that anxious people are forever 'looking for things to hang their anxieties on' which is true for me. looking for things to worry about.

Have you always been a worrier? I have.

AnnoyedAtWork Sun 09-Dec-12 14:18:32

I feel like I am looking at my life from the outside and can't enjoy it. I worry that my relationship will fail - even though it is fine - so I don't enjoy it cos I'm worrying about whether we are gonna make it work with all the other stress in our lives.

I get so depressed reading about all these cheating husbands and failed marriages I feel everyone is doomed to take each other for granted and get all horrible and bitter in the end.

We are very tight for money and I don't have a social life as work very long hours I have low self esteem and worry I will suffocate DP with my need for affection and reassurance and I want him to admire me as a person and for me to like myself too. But I'm so miserable!

So do not feel like sexy time or romantic things cos very "detached" can't relax and just worry worry worry... Trying to second guess what he is thinking etc which is so unhealthy I know - he is wonderful and 100% trustworthy so why can't I just trust him that he loves me and wants only me?

How can I get out of this rut??? I used to be on SSRIs but glad no longer on them and have felt better last few months except very recently.

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