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Sertraline and any other AD's Support Thread Part 2

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PackItInNow Fri 07-Dec-12 13:48:03

Just a continuation from the original thread, which is due to finish soon. Anyone and everyone needing some kind words, and hand-holding, are more than welcome smile.

Chiggers Mon 20-May-13 13:56:14

Hi Air, I hope you're feeling better today smile. I'm having a brew and a sneaky biscuit to dunk. Would you care to join me for a cuppa and a natter?

painforlife Mon 27-May-13 20:51:54

Hi all,
Hope all u gud ladies r doing well. Sorry I've been away been getting really tired because of the day hospital I was going to. Got discharged this week as they felt I was doing better. I felt at a loose end today so grabbed my brother and put little one in the buggy and off we went. Wasted a few hours in the shopping mall & also tired myself out. So hopefully will get a gud

As for meds I'm now on the maximum for my morning AD (duloxitine) and near enough max for the anti psychotic (quetiapine). I have to say I've been working very hard on getting better. I think I'm doing ok now but it's like living in fear of when will I relapse! I'm trying to keep myself busy so I dont think about it as it makes my anxiety 100 times worse sad

Chiggers Tue 04-Jun-13 16:56:28

Hi there all you good ladies. Apologies for not being on here recently, have been busy with assignments, exams, coursework, looking after my parents (they are both dying of cancer), housework, and all the other usual stuff to do day to day. I literally don't stop until my head hits the pillow at night. Still got a load of coursework to do, but I finish

Anyway, how are you all? I hope you're all doing OK

clucky69 Mon 10-Jun-13 15:02:18

Hi im new to this thread, bit of background info, started having panic attacks 3 years ago just b4 the birth of my youngest daughter totally blew me as ever had anything like it b4 was in hospital a wk as was totally outta it. Came home put on citalopram worked for me I think cant really remember a lot weaned myself off them after a year. Started getting dizzy spells which started little bit of low mood and anxiety still remained, doc started me on 10mg citalopram last wk im on day 6 today. My question is does anybody else feel really like woozy and spaced out and pressure in head can cope with the anxiety increase just this woozy spaced out feeling and tiredness but unable to sleep. How long is this likely tom last as I am unable to work like this and my hubby has had a few days off as we have 2 children x

painforlife Tue 11-Jun-13 12:06:53

hey ladies hw is everyone? smile

chiggers oh my gosh darling u must be knackered with all that. hw r ur parents doing??? I can't imagine a more horrible situation to be in sad sending u lots of love n hugs & strength xxx

clucky I've had those symptoms plus an upset stomach as I've been weaning off my AD's & anti psychotics but I put it down to hay fever & a bad stomach! can't tell u how long it will last but if u've started ur Anxiety pills again it should get better. I think I may need to visit my G.P again.

Chiggers Thu 13-Jun-13 09:59:03

Welcome to the thread Chucky smile. Have a wee brew and a biscuit. I have finished my exams, assignments and coursework until September, so I can spend a bit more time on here listening. I hope you find it supportive on the thread as that's what we aim to do on here. Oh, and don't be afraid to rant, cry or even just have a moan. We're hear to listen to and support each other as well as help others make the right decision for them WRT their circumstances.

Good morning Pain, how have you been lately. I have some news to share with you. I've passed all my 1st year exams and am going on to the 2nd year. Mum and dad are still with us and although we didn't think mum would make her birthday, she is on her way to going past it (her birthday is on Saturday). The stubborn auld sod keeps threatening to live until she's 100yo, just for badness and also so that she can get her own back for us siblings torturing her over our teenage years grin. Always has to have the last laugh, she does grin. As for dad, well, he's still telling his good old tales of when he was a marine engineer in the merchant navy going all around the world. He has told us so many stories, so many times that we could write the screenplays without notes grin. Not to mention that all us siblings and parents are still irritating the arse out of each other grin. Meh, it's what we do best.

Anyway, enough about my family, what about your good self? Anything much happening down your corner of the world? Would be good to catch up with the latest. Thank you so much for the love and hugs. You're a wee sweetheart smile

<<hugs Pain>>

Have to nip away for a wee while as I've housework to do, but will be back soon.

Take care y'all and I shall return.

Twinky2 Mon 17-Jun-13 16:35:20

Hi, just read your post I have taken my first sertraline 2 nights ago woke up in a fright and felt groggy all day and spaced out today,might be because axiety at work and resulting sleeplessnes,doc signed me off for 2 weeks so did not take one last night,l know this is not the way to go and have been down for so long.Il read that some people half them thinking of doing this 25mg, l m a bit nervous l understand they are mild and side effects are not sever

Notsoblonde Fri 21-Jun-13 10:16:30

hi all am on day 4 of sertraline for anxiety, mostly health anxiety, god I feel rough sad headache, drunk feeling and weird burning feelung in my mouth. anxiety has definitely increased and am meant to be at work on Monday, really cant face it.

working9while5 Sun 23-Jun-13 02:37:54

Hi everyone
Sorry no time to read through whole thread (well, more like I can't see straight with tiredness to do so) but wondering if any of you/how many of you have been on sertraline while ttc and what happened with regards to that.
Thanks! x

Chiggers Thu 27-Jun-13 09:31:16

Good morning all you good ladies and gents (if there are any on the thread).

Welcome to the thread Working, Blonde and Twinky. Have got the kettle on, so if you would like a wee brew and a biscuit or 2, let me know.

Don't be afraid to join in the banter on the thread. We are only serious if we need to be. Other than that, we're usually having a good laugh and a chuckle.

Got ourselves a wee 2yo staffy and if she was bred for fighting, she'd let the side down big time grin She's an adorable wee thing and is like a baby at times. Especially at night. Whenever we go to bed, she comes over to the kitchen/living room door and howls for company as she doesn't want to sleep by herself smile. She would lick you to death TBH, but she is also very protective of our family and friends. She made friends with our NDN's son's dog and a big lab/retriever cross, so she has a couple of fellas on the go winkgrin. Once DH is sitting down and watching telly, she pins him down by sitting on him. I was lying on the sofa yesterday watching telly and she got up and sat on my headgrin.

Will be back later as I've a few things to do.

Talk to you all soon.

Chiggers Sun 30-Jun-13 09:00:03

Good morning ladies, how are you all today?

Chiggers Fri 26-Jul-13 12:08:16

Afternoon ladies, how have you been since you were last on here? I hope you all have been doing OK/good/fine etc. What have you all been up to of late?

Notsoblonde Sat 27-Jul-13 07:28:22

hi chiggers I will have a brew thank you. Am now on week 5 and feeling much better. Sorry to read about your parents.

Dd2 is currently snoring her head off next to megrin

Chiggers Sun 28-Jul-13 09:49:37

Hi Blonde, it has come to light that mum's cancer isn't as bad as first thought, so that's a bonus smile.

Anyway, got a wee tale to tell you. We got ourselves a wee staffy bitch, got her jabbed and neutered (her photos are on my profile page). So we got her home and the other day I was messing around playing with her. Now, she has a habit of getting over-excited (just like DS) and going OTT. Well, she went to jump up and lick me when my nose connected with her hard loaf. Cue a bleeding nose and a eye that looks like it has been in a fight on Sat night grin. The other funny bit was ChiggerDog went to sniff around a cat and got bitch-slapped for her nosiness. The best bit of that was that she was jumping up wanting me to save her from the deadly cat grin. Seriously though, if she was bred and trained for fighting she'd let the side down big pansydog

Well, I've got some chocolate here if you want a bar? Who cares what time of the day it is, it's a woman's prerogative to have chocolate whatever the time of day, isn't it Blonde???

Help yourself to a bar orthree--.

So what's been happening at your end of the world? What you been up to????

Chiggers Sun 28-Jul-13 09:50:43

Gaahhh, strikethrough didn't work as planned grin Must try harder......

hudsonriver1 Mon 29-Jul-13 21:48:30

Hi ladies, please can I join you?

My background.......
2 DD's aged 10 and 6, ex partner worked away alot when we were together leaving me with the kids. Got PND after DD2. We split up 4 years ago. I met DH and we got married last sept. We were trying for a baby (PCOS) and 3 rounds clomid and decided to give it a break about march time. I had a MC last aug, this really messed me up. I ended up back on citalapram in march, 40 mg but still didnt feel like it was doing anything so have just been changed onto sertaline a week and half ago, 100mg.

Not really any side effects but still dont feel any different and its making me fed up. I feel like I dont enjoy life, im moody all the time and feel like I cant be happy. Im a childminder too and just taken on another child which is hard work.

I dont have alot of time for myself, dont enjoy reading (but would love to) find it very difficult to chill out, apart from when I have wine! Trying to get out the habit of having wine, and it was getting most evenings. I just dont know whats wrong with me x

Chiggers Tue 30-Jul-13 10:56:34

Hi Hudson, welcome to the thread. Have a brew and a biscuit and I'll join you for a natter.

So sorry you've been having a rough time of it over the last lot of years. The thing about AD's is that everyone is unique and individual so the AD may work slightly differently for each person. Where it may only take 2-3wks for me to have citalopram working well, it may take you 6-8wks or Joe Bloggs 5-6wks to work IYSWIM.

Another thing is that sometimes we all need to force ourselves to relax and chill or we could well head for a complete burnout. One method I was taught was to tense up every muscle (in head, chest, arms, back, abdomen, pelvic floor and legs) as tight as I can for 30 seconds (you can count to 30 slowly instead if you wish) then completely relax for another 20 seconds. Repeat until you feel completely able to relax, ie, sinking into your bed or similar feeling. It can be done anywhere, but is best done when you are going to bed.

Practising (sp) is another way to help relax and chill out. Sometimes the best way to chill and relax is to become laid back and learn to pick your battles. What type of person are you? Are you the type who is always tense, the type who is always a worrier WRT family or are you more of a general laid back person who tends to not sweat the small things?

Sometimes it take a little or a lot of trial and error before you find a relaxation technique that suits you.

Chiggers Wed 31-Jul-13 17:32:13

Uggghhh, too may sometimes in my essay grin

Chiggers Wed 31-Jul-13 17:34:04

Congrats on your marriage to your DH BTW

BloomingRose Wed 31-Jul-13 22:43:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chiggers Thu 01-Aug-13 08:58:42

Good morning Rose, welcome to the thread. I'm having a brew if you would like to join me?

In order to support you as best we can, it would help if you could give us a bit of background as to why you're on Sertraline smile. You don't have to go into great detail though, but that's up to you if you want to smile.

Clarella Fri 02-Aug-13 08:35:12

praps I should join too.... started 50 mg sertraline yesterday.confused

Clarella Fri 02-Aug-13 10:09:21


not much time to explain but I've suffered from anxiety and depression on and off for years but very linked to interactive and slightly wobbly thyroid. however I'm just facing the fact that I can't blame it all on that! quite lot due to work stress and a perfectionist attitude!! was on seroxat when 21 before thyroid diagnosed and had a terrible time so have resisted ads since (tried citalopram too, was awful) managing with beta blockers (I luffs them!) and throwing myself into work and exersise.

head popped in pregnancy last year due to external stresses and weird thyroid plus work stress. I had the 'baby pinks' but a terrible sleeper, some worry over his kidneys and an awful time with feeding till 22 weeks (reflux) coupled with again a flumping thyroid, no family nearby, a stressed dh, has popped my head. some of it could be thyroid related plus chronic sleep deprivation and I'm back at work in 4 weeks. but the irrational worries and obsessive thinking I had pregnancy snuck in without me realising and I've got mild pnd, certainly extreme anxiety.

I suppose I'm wondering if my thyroid is the main cause and I'm getting better what will the pills do? or will they just flatten out future wibbles?

hudsonriver1 Fri 02-Aug-13 11:30:52

Morning. Sorry not replied to anyone. Im having a rubbish day. Dont feel the tablets are working at all. Im childminding too and feel like crying. Been on them 2 weeks now, just feel I cant be happy.

I havent told my husband how I feel, he obviously knows in depressed but not this bad. I sometimes wonder if its him that has made me like it as he is very lazy around the house.

Arghh its driving me insane and I dont know what to do

hudsonriver1 Fri 02-Aug-13 11:32:59

Oh and in reply to your message I am a very stressy person anyway. I have tried meditating but havent done it for a couple of days x

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