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Sertraline and any other AD's Support Thread Part 2

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PackItInNow Fri 07-Dec-12 13:48:03

Just a continuation from the original thread, which is due to finish soon. Anyone and everyone needing some kind words, and hand-holding, are more than welcome smile.

Chiggers Tue 16-Apr-13 07:59:07

Good morning ladies, sorry I have been on the thread lately, have had loads of coursework to do. Welcome to the thread Vito, have a brew and a biscuit. Making loadsa brew so anyone want a cuppa?

<<finds biscuits for everyone>>

Pain, sorry to hear you're back in again, but look at it in a positive light and maybe you can think of hospital as your 'safe haven' from the rest of the world, until you're well enough to get out again. Whatever you're going through, I will try to get back on the thread as much as possible, to natter to you and lend a listening ear smile. The same goes for the rest of the good ladies on this thread, now that I have most of my coursework done (just 1 more essay to do then it's the exams).

Blue can you explain to the other GP that you feel that the dose you're on seems to be the right dose for you, and ask if they can put it on repeat prescription? That's what my own GP will do. He'll put me on a specific tablet (the last med was Lyrica) and put it on repeat prescription until I come back with any problems (which will be reviewed).

Got to go now, but will be back later, after 3.30pm.

Take care y'all grin.

PainForLife Tue 16-Apr-13 19:37:29

hi all <<waves at everyone>>
so I'm home from hospital. Dr said I was doing much betteQue so has sent me home. now that I am home I feel a bit overwhelmed. it's great to see DD running about but the screaming is not so great!

I've got to go to something called "day hospital" from tomorrow. this will be a Mon-Fri thing between 10-4. basically there'll be activities to participate in with other "MAD" people grin. they know physically it'll be demanding for me so we'll start slow -maybe only go for a few hours for a start.

new medication also - I'm now on 90mg duloxetine x1 , 100mg pregablin (lyrica) x3, 100mg quetiapine x1, trimipramine 50mg x1 plus my usual pain relief. I think the plan is to keep me drugged up all day!
I've been eating like there's no tomorrow so weight has quadrupled sad I just can't seem to control my appetite. they keep telling me we gotta deal with MH first.

PainForLife Tue 16-Apr-13 19:49:13

ok so I have to share this with you all. in anticipation that I will be coming home my dad went to our local Tesco to get biscuit's & would you believe the whole section was empty shock so I have to do without biscuit's with my brew tonight! well that won't do so chiggers I'm going to be knicking all ur [biscuits]'s grin.

Chiggers Wed 17-Apr-13 07:32:17

WHAT!!!!! Your local Tesco didn't have any biccies??? That's just disgraceful. If I were you, I'd sue them for at least 20 packs wink.

No problem me dear, I'll get the brew and biscuit's ready for a serious munch-fest grin.

PainForLife Wed 17-Apr-13 11:35:07

so I'm sat here in day hospital waiting for the first session - maybe relaxation or mental health. I'm intrigued but at the same time getting frustrated as I hate waiting around for things to start angry
thinking of going out for another cigarette but I only have 3 left so need to rassion them properly! whilst waiting I have decided to start a the thread "day hospital - day 1" so I can put down my feelings as the day goes on. I think it will help me evaluate how useful this programme actually is.

morning to all the ladies and I hope everyone has a good day smile

Chiggers Mon 22-Apr-13 17:28:51

Good afternoon ladies. How is everyone? I hope you're all doing OK.

Just had a lovely cottage pie made by DH. He does most other dinners as he's in charge of the household tasks like cooking meals, picking DC up from school etc. I do the curries, chilli beef and stuffed things (peppers, chicken/beef/pork loin steaks etc).

Anyway, how has everyone been over the last wee while? Would be good to hear fromyou all and see how you're all doing as I haven't heard from some of you good ladies for a bit.

Stupidlyanxious Tue 23-Apr-13 11:21:57

May I join? I have just taken my first sertraline about an hour ago. My MN name gives you a hint as to why grin

I am, of course, anxious about taking the fecking tablets too. Having read through the side effects and finding that my anxiety could get significantly ramped up before it gets better. I know I am not doing myself any favours in worrying but that's easier said that done sad

Chiggers Tue 23-Apr-13 18:44:21

Absolutely Stupidly, come on in and take a pew smile. Am making tea, so was wondering if you would like a wee brew and biscuit?

WRT your anxiety, don't panic. I'm sure you'll have gone through much worse in life, so maybe you could look at the side effects as the rough before the smooth IYSWIM. Let's not forget that anxiety, in itself, has never killed anyone smile, so if you take these AD's, you will have a rough ride initially, but it will be temporary.

Chiggers Tue 23-Apr-13 18:45:34

<<searches for biscuits>> Hmmm, I've no biscuits so would date and walnut loaf do?

Ijustbluemyself Tue 23-Apr-13 23:28:59

Hello, mildly amusing incident at the pharmacy today.

We've finally got the right level of sertraline for me so the doctor wrote me a prescription pack for the next six months. Because I'm on 150mg I have to get 3 lots of 50 to get it as one prescription. Anyway this meant that overall I was prescribed 18 packets. The pharmacist's exact words were 'oh blimey, do we even have that many?'. In fact he did, but I might have cleared them out confused

Stupidlyanxious and for anyone new who might be lurking, stick with sertraline. I'd say it took 2 months before I noticed any significant improvement, the first month got rid of the worst days but it's only recently the 'real me' has come back. The first few days of 150mg I actually felt drugged up, but that subsided and everything has improved. I'm aiming to be off by the end of the year.

Stupidlyanxious Wed 24-Apr-13 09:41:56

Thanks for the welcome and date & walnut loaf ;)

Last night I slept really well but getting to sleep was a bit problematic due to dry mouth sad This morning I have driven DS to school but feel too spaced out to do any more. I actually feel like I am fighting an anxiety attack but mentally I am fine, iyswim. So am assuming it is a side effect of the sertraline. Hopefully that will settle because I sure as hell don't want to feel any more anxious than I do already!!

That's funny about the pharmacy incident Ijustbluemyself. Isn't it ironic that we can't buy multiple packs of paracetamol but they happily dole out a whole bunch of SSRIs??!

Chiggers Thu 25-Apr-13 16:27:16

I thought that Drs were only allowed to prescribe 1 month's worth at a time. I heard that one of the reasons were incase meds need to be changed to another type, so the rest of the month's worth is better ditched than 6 months IYSWIM.

Even if you haven't broken into the boxes of meds and hand them back to the phamacy, they then have to dispose of them. The pharmacy can't take the risk of giving someone else those same meds in case they have been tampered with. I understand that not many people will tamperd with excess medication, but the pharmacies can't take that risk.

The other thing is overdose. Hospitals are more able to treat an overdose of 1 month's worth of tablets, than 6 months. A patient is less likely to recover from ingesting 6 months of sertraline, than a patient with 1 month of sertraline in them.

WRT paracetamol, a relatively small amount can cause liver damage. Lets say that person A takes 5 paracetamol and ends up with severe liver damage that cannot be repaired. Now AFAIK, although I could be wrong, the same amount of sertraline is more likely to be treated effectively with better outlook and less damage to the liver IYSWIM.

Don't be afraid to correct me if I'm wrong though. I'm always told I'm wrong and always get the blame for everything <<joking>>grin. My motto should be accept and move on wink

Anyway, have decided to have a cuppa, so anyone want a brew and some homemade chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing?

I think MNHQ should make a drooling emoticon. Who's with me on that one grin

ColG Fri 26-Apr-13 23:34:49

Hi, I'm new here and have only read a few messages so far.

I've been in sertraline for about a year now, and I can only say it's been a lifesaver.

Quick history, 2007 father-in-law moved in and started causing huge sh1t; 2008 got separated, very antagonistic; 2010 lost my job; 2011 youngest (then 10) diagnosed with genetic potentially terminal illness; most of 2011 in hospital with him for chemo and bone marrow transplant; most of 2011 battling with ugly divorce and unrealistic demands and very very nasty H-and-his-homebreaker.

Beginning of last year I eventually realised I have to ask for help and spoke to my GP who put me on 50mg sertraline and referred me to a counsellor. I didn't think the sertraline was really doing anything, and it was November before the counsellor started seeing me.
In October my son got really sick and was back in hospital, so running between him and my older son at home I totally forgot about my meds. Within a week I couldn't sleep despite being beyond exhausted and had NO patience for anything (I am ugly when I'm tired!) - ah-huh, so maybe the sertraline was doing something!

I'm now on 100mg, and so careful about not missing it. I've noticed in a few posts here about side-effects - I will have to go read the insert to see what they are / if I've had any, but TBH I don't care, it's worth it not to be annoyed with everything and yelling at the kids 24/7.

I also have propanolol, but that does make me quite sleepy so I only take it when the kids are really stressing me out with their bickering smile

SO - Hi! Looking forward to chatting on here smile

PainForLife Sat 27-Apr-13 17:31:28

hello all,
hope all you lovely ladies are keeping well flowers
I was admitted again on the ward for about 5 days and when I was discharged I was referred to "day hospital" which I have been going to for a few weeks. it's purpose is to help your mind get back on track - daily activities and group chat. I've met variety of people who have all gone through similar things and although was very scarred in the beginning I feel ok now. I've started another thread about it which I'll be updating as the weeks go on. some tips they teach may be helpful to others.
medication wise I'm now in duloxetine 90mg and quetiapine has bee increased to 150mg. still not sleeping enough although I'm physically shattered when I get back sad

chiggers - I agree we do need a drooling emoticon on here grin.

on a scary note I had a blood test which should my muscles are leaking an enzyme (norm level is 200 but mine is 787) they think it's the pregabalin so their weaning me off it. also had an ECG which wasnt quite right so I'm having another ECG next week plus a scan so I'm limbo at the moment. it's not helping my anxiety sad

Chiggers Mon 06-May-13 22:27:14

Evening ladies, hope you are all doing OK. Apologies for not being on here for so long, have had a few assignments to complete and hand in.

Just a quick update. Have had some bad news. Have been told that my mum has cancer of the liver and there's nothing else the Drs can do for her and my dad is in the same boat. There's nothing else that can be done for him, so it's just a matter of time now sad.

As it is, me and my brothers have been working from morning to night painting and decorating for the last 4 days and still have a bit to do before mum comes back to the house. She has been staying with my older DB until we get the main rooms done, but she has been getting quite confused and we all agree that both mum and dad are in denial about how severe mum's cancer is. I'm more worried about my 2 younger DB's as I know how upset they'll be when mum passes on.

We were having a laugh about it as my youngest DB used to affectionately call mum 'the auld bat' grin It has been a nickname that has stuck and mum even gets stroppy if DB doesn't call her that. DB has decided to call dad 'the auld bat' when mum goes. Full of mischief he is.

Anyway I'm away to bed as I'm not long in the door (about 15mins). Will post again soon, so take care y'all grin.

Chiggers Wed 08-May-13 09:46:52

Good morning ladies, how is everyone?

Welcome to the thread ColG. Here, have a wee brew and a biscuit to dunk. Apologies for not doing this before, I have been very busy and didn't notice your post LOL.

I hope you find this thread kind, caring and supportive smile. Don't be afraid to vent a bit here if you need to as that's one of the reasons I started this thread, as a run on from the last one.

Just a quick update for you good ladies. Mum has fallen down some stairs a couple of times in DB's house, so we have moved her bed into the dining room. It means that she doesn't have to scale the stairs and risk falling again. Then my younger brother bitched and had a go at me for using matt emulsion in the front hall, stairway and landing. It was cut in with vinyl silk emulsion and was to be completed with the vinyl, but I didn't hear him say that, so I painted the area with matt emulsion. My youngest brother and his GF did the same as me and DH when painting the hall stairs and landing, so I assumed that we had to continue with the matt.

<<shakes head>> FFS, our mum is dying of cancer and she's in pain, and all my brother seems to be concerned about is the fact we (DH, youngest DB, his GF and me) used 2 different paints for that particular area.

painforlife Wed 08-May-13 10:08:38

oh chiggers <<big bear hug>> I couldn't read n run. sending lots of love n positive calm thoughts ur way!

so sorry to hear about ur mum. sending my best wishes to her. dont worry about ur brother it may be his way was dealing with it by concentrating on a trivial thing like paint emulsions. u just concentrate in u & ur mum flowers

I'm just on my way into day hospital so will be back a bit later on if I'm not completely exhausted! have a good day ladies smile

Joycey29 Wed 08-May-13 19:40:17

First day on Sertaline - hoping things get better smile

Innacorner Thu 09-May-13 10:49:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Innacorner Thu 09-May-13 16:17:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chiggers Thu 09-May-13 20:09:20

Welcome to the thread Joycey and Corner. Got the kettle on so will be sharing out the brew and [biscuits], so if you want a cuppa, speak now or forever hold your water grin.

Mum has come home today from DB's house. All my brothers, their OH's and DH and I are drawing up a rota so we can be with mum to make sure she eats. Well, she nagged us often enough when we were younger, so we're going full circle and nagging her in her old age.

DB gave me a hug and apologised for being a bitch, so I told him that a drag queen with PMT would have nothing on him in a bitchfest grin. Anyway, he just laughed and we put it behind us.

Joycey29 Fri 10-May-13 07:35:58

Glad you got it sorted Chiggers. I m trying to go to work today but feel sick already.
Got all three dc up and dressed but now want to go back to bed.
Feel sick at thought of work but am going to try.

AnAirOfHope Fri 10-May-13 15:28:20


Im on 150mg of steraline per day. I have been on it for three and half years now.

I had PND with my first child and.was on meds when i conceved, birth and currently bf my sceond child.

I have been fine for a bit but today im struggaling. My inlaws have taken the kids and im in bed but i cant sleep sad

We were ment to be going to a wedding do tonight (increase stress level) then the kids have been little ill past two days and now my husband wants to go to the wedding do on his own when i stay home and look after the slightly ill children.

I feel so hurt and rejected that he wants to go out without us and he doesnt want to not go and be home with us sad

I know im unreasonable but i cant stop crying and thinking they are better off if i was not here.

I want dh to go out and have fun but im terrorfied he will find someone else, not come.back, reject me.again, showing me he doesnt like spending time with me, that he has a better time with other people than me etc etc.........

I know im on a depressive/low cycle and cant stop crying but i really want to fake happy so dh can/will go out.

How do i fake happy when i just want to die?

Joycey29 Sat 11-May-13 09:21:53

Airofhope - I m sorry I didn't see this yesterday ( was having a wobble myself) I hope you are feeling better today. I m sure you are right about feeling low and so worrying about unlikely scenarios. I hope today is a better day for you smile

AnAirOfHope Sat 11-May-13 09:54:49

Feeling a bit better today.

Dh didnt go out as the kids were ill and he could tell i was ill sad He was nice about it and we had dinner and an early night and he got up with the kids this morning and made breakfast and i have come back to bed.

Now i feel guilty because my mood has affected my family sad

Off to sleep and wake up more posative.

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