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Sertraline and any other AD's Support Thread Part 2

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PackItInNow Fri 07-Dec-12 13:48:03

Just a continuation from the original thread, which is due to finish soon. Anyone and everyone needing some kind words, and hand-holding, are more than welcome smile.

PainForLife Sun 24-Mar-13 10:08:49

oh uptothestars right back at ya. been up since 6.30am DD has temp & ofcourse it has to be mummy that does everything. waste of time taking my sleeping pill last night! ok rant over sorry ppl.

hope others morning has started better than mine smile

Chiggers Sun 24-Mar-13 10:41:01

<<hugs Pain and Stars tightly>>. Sounds like you 2 could do with a brew and a biscuit to start off with smile.

Stars, if you don't mind me asking, in what way are you a mess and what has happened to bring you down to the state you're in now?

Chiggers Sun 24-Mar-13 10:48:33

You both know that you can vent on here, and if it helps to release a bit of emotion, and make you feel even slightly better, please don't be afraid to do so smile.

I'm usually checking this thread anyway, so I will post as soon as I can.

PainForLife Sun 24-Mar-13 11:47:11

thanks chiggers I desperately needed that ;)

stars don't be afraid to off load here. were all here to listen smile just try us.

Chiggers Sun 24-Mar-13 12:09:02

For me, it's about helping others if I can. I wouldn't want anyone to come on here and feel like there's no answer to their problems. I want to help and will do my utmost to try and find a solution for those problems.

PainForLife Sun 24-Mar-13 20:01:01

I've felt anger all day & have been releasing it via different techniques all day but ryt now I've punched my head approx 90 times in the hope it'll get numb enough that I don't see painful images but no result....... the next thing is to smack my head in a wall.... :'(

Chiggers Mon 25-Mar-13 10:05:32

<<hugs Pain really tight>> Please don't do that Pain. Do you have kids? What I'd be worried about is if your MH becomes so bad that you can't look after yourself properly and so you end up having your kids taken into care.

Please ring your MH team and speak to them about your current MH. It may be hard for you, Pain, but you need to something before you get worse. I understand that this may be just a blip, but please try and get something sorted. I just don't want to see your MH deteriorate too much further.

PainForLife Tue 26-Mar-13 12:31:16

hi chiggers,
thanks for the hugs I kinda needed it. of course my head is very sore today!!! I've got a 2 year old DD who is looked after by my family (since I became became disabled 3 years ago) so even if I completely loose my marbles at least I know she will always be safe with my family.

I rang the crisis team yday and spoke to them about my current mental health they told me to quetipine back up to 300mg. seeing my psychiatrist on thurs so just gotta try get through till then.

today im just soooo tired both mentally & physically so anything anyone says sounds like blah blah blah.

anyway sorry for waffling on. hope everyone is doing better than me smile

Chiggers Tue 26-Mar-13 19:19:05

Hi Pain <<hugs>> If the worst comes to the worst, try and sleep through the next day or so.

Do you have anything you can plug some earphones/heaphones into so you can just lie back, listen to music and chill out in bed until Thursday? Oh, and don't forget to get up to take your meds and get something to eat and drink.

I remember being in hospital being treated for a a severe renal infection, which spread to my liver. Staying in hospital for 10 days was so boring I pretty much slept for a good lot of my stay. I used that that time to sleep because I knew that the body repairs itself best while the person is sleeping.

My thoughts around the sleeping bit is so that you're not banging your head or harming yourself in other ways, because you're asleep.

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow as I'm heading to bed soon to chill and listen to music smile.

Chiggers Wed 27-Mar-13 08:48:44

Morning Pain. How are you feeling today?

PainForLife Thu 28-Mar-13 10:43:24

morning chiggers
I'm doing ok I guess... just waiting for my appointment today. I'm not sure whether I should get admitted again voluntarily. I've been having pretty messed up thoughts for the past few days. my psychiatrist is pretty good she always makes me think about things objectively. so sometimes I myt think being admitted will help me when in fact it won't.

hope ur day has started well & everyone else is doing ok x

Chiggers Thu 28-Mar-13 18:56:46

Hi Pain. Sorry I hadn't got back to you earlier, was spending time in the next town with DH and the DC. Saved some pennies up to have a wee shopping spree with them, so we only got got back just before teatime and have now just finished getting the dishes washed upbefore sitting down to MN grin. Oh, BTW, I've created a public profile if you want to click on it. Got pics of my mad kids. They're great posing for photos, but fight and argue like cat and dog grin.

Anyway, how are you this evening sweetheart? I don't think your Psychiatrist would let you stay at home if you were deemed a danger to yourself. I guess if you were at severe risk of harming yourself detrimentally, then you'd be sectioned.

PainForLife Fri 29-Mar-13 14:41:16

hi chiggers,
hope your well & I'm sure u have lots of things planned to do this long weekend with your beautiful kids (I did sneak a peak at the pics).
I had a really good session with my psychiatrist & we came to the decision together that I'd not admit myself. all the family is home over the weekend & they have decided on doing a lot of activities over the weekend both indoors/outdoors. starting with monopoly after lunch grin.

my mood is a lot better today but of course the pains r the same but I've had a very nice lie in thanks to zopiclone.
hence I've decided I will have some fun today screw the pain smile.

so here's wishing u all a very happy Easter. I'm sure there'll b plenty of wine & Easter eggs for all to enjoy wink

Chiggers Sun 31-Mar-13 10:28:02

Morning Pain. How are you today?

Good to hear that your session with your psychiatrist went OK. It's also good to hear you have someone on your side WRT your MH and nice to know that someone is keeping an eye out for you.

I'll have a bit on tomorrow with the Easter parades over here in NI. Will be on ambulance duty tomorrow for a couple of hours cover in the morning, so will be kept occupied. I'm not fully trained yet so I'll probably be dealing with cuts, bruises etc. Some of the simple things.

DH and the DC will be standing with me hopefully (we have the best place for viewing the parade), then once my shift is done, I'll be free to take the kids to the funfair for a bit.

Chiggers Sun 31-Mar-13 10:31:19

Am having a brew at the moment, do you fancy joining me? Got plenty of biscuit at the ready, so munch til your heart's content grin.

Chiggers Sun 31-Mar-13 10:32:44

Good morning folks, how is everyone? I hope you're all doing OK. Would be nice to hear from a few more of you good people and what you've all been up to smile.

Rumours Mon 01-Apr-13 18:34:38

Hi I've not been on here for a while. I'm feelin low today. I'm now on 150mg of sertraline and I am feeling better on it. We had family visiting for a week and I've had to be 'up' all week if that makes sense so now they've gone home I feel flat. I just want to go to bed but need to get the ds's to bed first.

PainForLife Tue 02-Apr-13 15:44:38

afternoon all,
I had some sort of 48hrs bug past few days. just slept,slept n slept & sweated loads... seem to be better today thankfully no fever. I think my body just needed rest.

rumours how u feeling? hope u got some rest & r feeling a bit better flowers

hw has everyone's Easter weekend been?

chiggers hope ur well & had a good Easter break smile

Rumours Tue 02-Apr-13 17:37:16

Hi painforlife been feeling better today. I t

Rumours Tue 02-Apr-13 17:38:33

Posted too soon! I took my boys to the beach and the fresh air did us all some good. Now home and getting dinner ready.
Hope you feel better too, sounds like a nasty bug.

Chiggers Tue 02-Apr-13 18:18:31

Hi Rumours, good to see you back again. I hope you're feeling a good bit better smile. Also hope you have a decent Easter break with lots of chocolate, and rest.

Afternoon Pain, how are you feeling today? Better, I hope smile. I also hope you managed to get a half decent break with lots of fluids, chocolate and rest smile.

DH, our DC and myself all went to see The Croods. great movie, especially when the wee long-limbed creature went "Din Din Diiiiiihhhhh". The timing when it said that was hilarious and that's one good reason to have kids.......they can be used as an excuse for us adults to indulge ourselves in lots of childish comedies grin.

Chiggers Tue 02-Apr-13 18:23:32

Oh, and we went to KFC for our fast food feast. We would probably do it 2-3 times a year depending on how we feel. I'm feeling pretty stuffed.

Chiggers Tue 02-Apr-13 18:24:34

<<hugs Pain and Rumours and proffers some chicken>>

Chiggers Tue 02-Apr-13 18:26:27

Back home now so am getting the kettle on. Anyone for a brew and some [biscuits]? Got loads so you'll both have to help me drink the tea and eat the biccies smile.

Chiggers Tue 02-Apr-13 18:27:04

That was meant to be biscuit.

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