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Skin picking

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AlteredState Fri 07-Dec-12 04:34:53

Yes. Taping over with micro porous tape usually (not always) helps me leave areas alone while that heal a bit.

PickyPickyPolly Thu 06-Dec-12 00:17:32

I don't mind if I have a scar as long as it's concave, the blemish is convex though and I can't accept that. My mind won't allow it. It's incorrect. INCORRECT!

PickyPickyPolly Thu 06-Dec-12 00:15:38

I feel so regretful now that I know I won't touch it short term until it heals. But, long term I can't/won't seem to stop obsessing about it. I left it alone for a long time but then I bought 35% hydrogen peroxide from the internet and tried burning it off for weeks on end. It didn't work, it went purple. I can't seem to make myself accept it.

I can't accept it. At all. I see it all the time. No-one else can seem to understand. I am taking prozac long term but it doesn't stop me obsessing about it. I can't rest until it's gone. Why can't I just accept it or leave it alone?

I go for months leaving it alone but ultimately I want it gone and I attack it. Ugh! I'm so disappointed with myself. Why can't they (medical professionals) destroy it!?

SrirachaGirl Thu 06-Dec-12 00:02:46

Would it help to put a bandage on it so that you can't get at it? Or find some other kind of displacing activity to do with your hands (knitting or similar)? Whatever it is, I know you know that picking won't help it smile.

PickyPickyPolly Wed 05-Dec-12 23:57:42

Anyone else?

I've got a keratosis on my forearm, it seems to have become a point of obsession with me. A dermatoligist said it's a seborrheic keratosis, but I don't think so. Plastic surgeon refused to take it off. I went to another place and the doc said it's an Actenic Keratosis. He tried to freeze it off with cryotherapy but it didn't work. I got frustrated and picked at it bigtime with a needle and tweezers. I can't leave it alone. Now I feel guilty and out of control. What if it's cancerous and I've made it worse....


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