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How do you deal with bad days?

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madmomma Tue 04-Dec-12 21:26:36

Get up as soon as your eyes open. Otherwise the ruminations take hold. Get straight in the shower before your head can start arguing with you or telling you it's pointless etc. Decide something about the day ahead; such as 'ok so maybe I'll never be happy again, but today I'll be desperately unhappy in a clean tidy house' or 'today I'll be desperately unhappy but I'll make someone else's day better'. Have a few comforting books to dip into on these days. Get out and have a fast, long walk. Tell someone how you're feeling. Use the magic 'if'. So you write a list of things that you'd do 'if' you were happy. Then see if there are any you can do now, despite being unhappy. Write a list of everything you are grateful for. Ring the samaritans and tell them about it.
Those days are horrible, and sometimes the day drags in a mess of misery and you can't think of a thing to do to change it. It's ok. Tomorrow will more than likely be better.

Coconutter Mon 03-Dec-12 21:53:33

I'm on Sertraline, which has finally kicked in, and feeling better - less anxious, more able to cope with things, generally happier. However I still have bad days where I feel like I don't belong, out of sorts, zero motivation, teary, like I'm a failure, etc etc. I have one more NHS session then I have to find my own counsellor.

How do you cope with these days? The ones where you feel you're never going to get better, and that there will always be something wrong, and where you wonder if you can ever be happy again?

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