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Final update [child abuse decision]

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BaublesJanson Mon 03-Dec-12 08:34:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

babbas Sun 02-Dec-12 13:11:24

Dotty I can only imagine what horrors you have witnessed and the dark times you have gone through to get to this point. What an inspiration you are to fight this battle all the way to court and get justice for yourself and your sisters. Wishing you well and hoping you are able to move on knowing he will pay (albeit a small price compared to the pain and damage he has inflicted ). Much love and respect to you.

Bossybritches22 Sun 02-Dec-12 13:03:05

Dotty another who hasn't followed but can imagine your terrible journey & great strength to get to this point.

Congratulations on getting a satisfactory outcome & so glad the judge was scathing too, somehow adds to the satisfaction I imagine.

Big hugs to you & your sisters, I hope it brings you some "closure" to use the oft overused word.

SirBoobAlot Sun 02-Dec-12 13:00:22

So pleased to hear this, dotty. Much love. xx

SummerRain Sun 02-Dec-12 12:59:16

I don't know the back story but it sounds like a great result. Hugs to you and your family and best of luck putting this behind you x

dottyspotty2 Sun 02-Dec-12 12:55:28

Not so dear brother was sentenced to 16 years on friday morning, judge very scathing of him in his sentencing my sisters and I can now move on and start rebuilding our lives.

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