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ss have found out about my past mental health problems and now im scared

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aworriedmummy Tue 27-Nov-12 00:03:10

me + my husband are nearly at the end of a core assesment with ss for our 4 year old son.
They have now found out that i suffered with really bad depression 12years ago + self harmed + took severly overdoses.
I am no longer on anti depressants + ive not harmed myself or taken an overdose for 12 years, although i do struggle with not eating sometimes + anxiety.
My doctor as no concerns over my health towards my son + as said i am a fit mother.
I was very honest with my sw but ive read alot of stories where mothers have had their children taken away from them + im extremly scared now.
My sw wants me to see a counsellor which i start next week.
Im just so scared that ive been too honest.
As anyone got any advice please or any experience in this matter?
Thankyou very much xx

Hoophopes Tue 27-Nov-12 11:28:01

Hi - I have a mental health record, a referral to Social Services and even though my health record is much more recent than yours it wasn't a concern. Even though I am really struggling the sw didn't even recommend or help me get counselling, or offer any support that way - just say to go through gp etc!! They were not concerned about it but of course I worried, it is natural.

Selks Tue 27-Nov-12 11:33:31

If it is a past issue and not causing current problems, plus the GP has backed that up, then I doubt it would 'count against you' but depending on what the other issues are - why there is a core assessment happening - it could be felt that you are potentially vulnerable in that area. However as the SW has suggested counselling it sounds like they are thinking along supportive rather than critical lines so I would try not to worry. You're doing the best thing by being open and working with them.

Hoophopes Tue 27-Nov-12 11:36:29

I agree, being open and hones is the best thing possible. Also it can help to say why struggled in the past, as sometimes they can see that is an old issue that is no longer relevant, or that you need help with it - so can help you.

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