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Just taken my first fluoxetine and I don't feel right

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pud1 Mon 26-Nov-12 18:24:50

i have been to the doctors today and he has prescribed me 20mg of fluoxetine. I have has them all day trying to decide if I should take them. I have just had the first one and within 20 mins I feel all spaced out. Is this normal. I feel a bit jittery and odd.

PimpMyHippo Mon 26-Nov-12 18:32:32

It's probably anxiety, 20mg is a low dose and it takes weeks to build up enough in your system to have an effect. Is there anything you could do to relax and take your mind off it for a while? thanks

Fairyloo Mon 26-Nov-12 18:34:16

Unlikely to be the fluoxetine, that will take time to build up.

Are you pretty anxious? Sounds more psychosomatic.

Wetthemogwai Mon 26-Nov-12 18:35:05

I felt very odd for about a week when I started taking mine, persevere and try and pamper yourself a little and it'll soon pass. It's well worth it once you get passed the initial side effects

pud1 Mon 26-Nov-12 20:40:01

It only lasted about an hour. Will try them for a couple of weeks and see what happens

ChablisLover Mon 26-Nov-12 20:45:40

It does take time to adjust to them

Could be anxiety about taking them.
I had that - kept putting it off but in the end just took the thing and felt better after a couple of days. I was prescribed them for Pnd.

Are you getting any therapy at the same time? Doc tried to arrange this for me but the therapist only worked part time and couldn't fit me in.

pud1 Mon 26-Nov-12 21:11:31

No therapy has been offered. It would be something I would try. I will ask gp on my next appointment

Wetthemogwai Wed 28-Nov-12 20:33:32

The doctor should have offered it with the ads, definetly ask next time smile

bootus Wed 28-Nov-12 20:39:36

I'm on week 4 taking them, was quite shocked to be prescribed them for severe pmt but gosh they are working! I felt spaced out for about 3 days and had very dry mouth/slight nausea, but symptoms passed by day 11 and I feel so much better (and I was v reluctant to take them).

pud1 Thu 29-Nov-12 11:56:23

Well I am on day 4 now. Still feel a bit weird after taking them but less so. I am also getting the dry mouth feeling. I do feel a little more chilled out

Caerlaverock Thu 29-Nov-12 11:58:07

I felt weirded out just admitting to the doctor that I needed them. They are a good crutch, I was on a higher dose and eventually came off as I felt emotionally constipated

soupmaker Thu 29-Nov-12 18:54:14

I take the same low dose for off the scale pmt and mild depression. The first 4 weeks I had hot flushes, dry mouth and loads of spaces out episodes but these symptoms disappeared after that and I my bonkers PMT symptoms have gone. Just persevere it will get better. Good luck OP.

hopespringy Fri 30-Nov-12 17:43:16

a week ago I started on a very low dose - 5mg (liquid form) - left it too late and was in quite a state when I finally went to the GP, so couldn't face serious bedding in time. Feeling nauseous, headachey with a permanent lump in my throat. anyone?

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