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Concerned about a friend, what to do?

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Concernedmentalhealth Tue 20-Nov-12 19:09:58

Hi I have name changed for this. I am concerned about a close friend, she has a family history of mental health issues including bipolar. In recent months I have noticed big changes in my friend the main changes being complete inability to maintain a conversation, whenever you speak to her she will change the conversation constantly. She is making wild accusations about people close to her including claims of abuse to her and her children but then failing to remove them from the scenario. She seems to be very spaced out and almost out of touch with reality. I have had two other friends express their concerns.
My question is what do I do? Do I speak to her and risk offending her? I am usually outspoken but appreciate this is a sensitive matter and want to help.
Thank you

Crawling Wed 21-Nov-12 08:41:04

As a friend if she is having a manic episode you won't get her to voluntary seek help in fact suggesting it is likely to end your friendship it is probably best to wait till she is back to normal and then discuss your concerns in the meantime you say her family have a history i would bring your concerns up to them as being family with experience they may be able to get her help sooner. If you get a suspicion that her behaviour threatens her life or someone elses life then get her to a and e

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