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Doctor today made me feel totally worthless & I haven't stopped crying all days

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purpleraindance Mon 19-Nov-12 20:08:05

I have suffered from panic attacks for 10 years and been on 150mg of efexor, found out I was pregnant and waited to see someone from the MHT to discuss meds but off of my own back have weaned myself down to 37.5mg. I say a lovely man from the MHT who prescibed me 2-4mg dizapam for two weeks whilst coming off of the efexor and prescribed me 25mg of imipramine to increase to 50mg after the two weeks. I was also on 8 tramadol, diclafanic (sp) + paracetmol as have had major surgery on my back. Anyways, have weaned myself down to 1 tramadol tablet with paracetmol in the morning to help get my back moving. The reason for this post is that I was only prescribed enough diazpam for one week so asked the GP for the second weeks worth to be met with you are damaging your baby and she will be born with an addiction - I then said that I am allowed to continue 1 tablet of tramadol am until I am 32 weeks - I am presently 29 weeks and will then more than likely be on bed rest til baby is born as paracetmol doesnt touch the pain. He then said he wasn't happy and that I was going to have a drug addict baby.

So am sitting here bawling my eyes out - taken out my frustration on my poor DH & teenage DS.

I smoked & drunk like a trooper at start of pregnancy (was on a two week all inclusive holiday so took full advantage) but gave up at 12 weeks when I found out - the doctor also said that because I drank there is a study that my baby will be born not as intelligant as others.

So I have fuked this baby up big time - dont want to have her now & considering adoption as I obviously dont deserve her as I am putting my MH before the health of my darling baby.

Please help me........ :'(

mmmmsleep Mon 19-Nov-12 20:28:45

I'm sorry your dr made you feel this way. You have done the best you can for your baby with the info you had at time. Well done for stopping smoking that's a massive achievement!
It's important that you see a dr that you feel supported by. Can you see someone else at the practice?
Of course in an ideal world none of us would take any meds in pregnancy but sometimes needs must and you have to so you can get through. Can you call the paychiatrist to ask them to prescribe? There are plenty of people who drank before realising they were pregnant and babies turned out fine.

Find another dr to see. Perhaps write the one you saw a letter explaining how he/she made you feel in case they don't realise.

Best of luck with the rest of the pregnancy. Well done for all the amazing things you've achieved in reducing your doses..that takes dedication and clearly a sign of what a good mummy you are to your baby. Not because they will turn out a junkie baby...but because you clearly have baby's interests at heart. It will get better and baby is very unlikely to have problems..they're tough little things!

Nigglenaggle Mon 19-Nov-12 20:36:23

The drugs I cannot tell you about, but I think you need to discuss it with your original doctor again as he sounds much more knowledgeable. Tell him what the GP has said to you and see what he thinks of it.

As far as the alcohol goes, before this new study there was no evidence that up to 10 units a week had any effect at all. Now obviously you have probably drank more than that (if you drink like I do!) but it takes a constant, very heavy drinker to induce foetal alcohol syndrome, which is the worst case scenario. And you say you only drank heavily for 2 weeks, which is not forever. And lots of women dont find out they are pregnant for a while and are in your situation - mostly their babies are OK. I found out quite early, around week 5, but for the first few weeks I didnt know and was drinking pretty heavily - I had a hen night, and a weekend away at a festival - my son is perfect. The new study out shows women who drink anything during pregnancy have babies which score slightly less well in tests than babies whose mums didnt drink, but the difference is slight. It doesnt mean these babies suffer serious harm. Obviously its better not to drink at all, but now you know you are pregnant you have stopped, and if you have given up smoking as well then that is not easy to do and a wonderful sacrifice to make for your wee one.

Your baby needs his mummy to love him, most of all, and it sounds like you already do.

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