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anti depressants or not?

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doineedhelp Mon 19-Nov-12 11:35:02

Hello all
Just wanted some advice as to whether I need to bite the bullet and go see gp for some anti depressants.
I haven't been right since having son who is now 22 months, I have extreme mood swings, get so angry at the slightest thing (usually to do with control issues) I scream and smash things and I have thoughts of hurting myself and my son. (although I never would) I am so irritable all of the time.

I have always had control issues, low self esteem, eating disorder etc. My son is not well (hole in his heart) plus numerous other problems, not walking, speech, hearing etc, plus my mum suddenly passed away a year ago. I work full time, and don't have any family support so its just me, husband and son. I'm just so overwhelmed and lost all joy in life. I am really struggling...

Been having cbt for last 3 months but if anything I feel do I need tablets? I know the health issues around my son will still be there and the grief I feel, plus the daily grind of life, but will tablets take the edge off?

At a real loose end and font know what to do, I hate the thought of tablets and I'm scared about weight gain, loosing sight of me... Any thoughts?

MrsMuddyPuddles Mon 19-Nov-12 12:21:25

My gp certainly told me that tablets would take the edge off, and I think that's the case but it's hard to tell... I still feel happy and sad at times, I still feel down and lethargic, but my sleep is better, anxity is worse (I think?), and as I've been getting better sooo slowly, it's hard to tell what's the tablets and what is just... I am getting better. My weight gain has more to to with my down-days diet of crisps, tunnocks tea cakes, and chocolate than to do the the meds, for what it's worth. Just because a side effect MIGHT happen from a certain medication, doesn't mean that it WILL happen- you might be one of the lucky ones who doesn't get it. And if the side effects are too awful, go back to the gp and ask to switch.

With the cbt, is that privately, or prescribed by your GP? What does the GP know about the state of your mental health?

As for "cbt is making me feel worse, not better": please do bring this up at the start of your next session!

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