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Clonazepam for anxiety - I just fall asleep!

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Rominy Wed 14-Nov-12 12:22:04

Been on citalopram for 9 months now and it has helped a lot but the anxiety is still an issue, moreso lately. Dr prescribed clonazepam (I was hoping for something fast-acting for when a panic attack is coming on but she said this was better).

But when I take the clonazepam I pretty much fall asleep! Okay I don't feel anxious while I'm doing it but it's not helping my issue of avoiding doing things because I'm anxious! I don't do things because I'm asleep instead!

Any advice? Will it get better?

tabbycat15 Thu 15-Nov-12 05:14:43

What dose are you on. I take 0.5 & can still drive. Valium made me fall asleep. Maybe see if your dose can be adjusted.

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