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That's it, really

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Iamatotalandutteridiot Fri 09-Nov-12 12:11:19

I am a total and utter idiot.

I have about as much social sense as a toad.

I've just messed up again today. I mess up most days.

I think I actually have some form of autism. I don't appear to have any empathy or understanding of others feelings.

Little things blind side me (like, I got an e-mail from one friend today saying that what I'm expecting another friend to do is making her very tired... yet other friend seems very happy with the arrangement (plus I am paying her, so not expecting it for free)... but it never enters my brain that what someone says to me isn't what they say to others.

I cannot appear to rein my gob in. As soon as something pops into my head, it pops out of my mouth. I have no idea why.

As I said, I just messed up again today, and probably totally alienated some people. Or maybe I didn't, and I just am self obsessed and they actually haven't considered it for a second.

I have no clue. When I was at school, someone called me shallow and I didn't believe them... but actually, I think I really am. I don't seem to be able to understand other people around me :-(

amillionyears Fri 09-Nov-12 18:42:14

If you think you may have autism, I think there are some online tests you can try.

The other thought that comes to me is, what are you like with the family members you grew up with? What do they say about what you are like.

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