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Anyone tried hypnotherapy?

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TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Thu 08-Nov-12 21:42:23

DP and I have been talking about overcoming some particular anxiety symptoms which make me appear very timid to him. I am quite 'jumpy' and easily startled, which he has suggested could be solved by hypnotherapy. It sounds like an interesting idea, but I am a bit suspicious of a 'quick fix' which doesn't address any underlying problem. Also it feels very exposing (as any therapy is, I imagine).

Any hypnotherapy theories or experiences would be interesting to know about.

sliceofcakenowplease Sat 10-Nov-12 09:03:30

Yes. It was about flying. It wasn't just the usual 'what if we crash?' but I started shaking, once even crying, and I couldn't do anything, I was certain we would crash or something, etc; I thought that although it was the worst fear I've ever had, I was being stupid, that it was my own fault etc; and when I mentioned it to the GP in an appointment about something else, he took it seriously, reccommended a person etc;

The therapy isn't actually too exposing. You've got your eyes closed most of the time, after the therapist explains about what's happening etc;, and it starts with going through some techniques to make you 'hypnotised'. Being hypnotised isn't like magicians/films, you're awake, with your own thoughts, and most of the time I was thinking 'oh God this is stupid!', but it works subconciously so you are being affected by it, but while you are wide awake.

It's not a quick fix, never can be, but starts you off to facing your problems. I took it about a month before the flight, and had another session two days before the actual flight. The hypnotherapist also reccommended breathing techniques etc; although if you are quite jumpy, breathing techniques won't work because you're being startled. A good one will reccommend other ideas though, hopefully.

Of course, I had a very nice hypnotherapist. It took place in his home, and DH was there, although he didn't talk, and the chair was one of those ones which tilt (very comfy) and make you relax. Ask your GP about reccommending one (he doesn' have to know the reason, although it would help) and most good ones will have hypnotherapy records (qualifications, awards etc;) in the room it will take place in, which made me feel more at ease.

Most of my experience is due to my fear, which like I said made me shake, cry, or freeze, and feel like I'm going to vomit etc; and not due to being jumpy and easily startled, and I'm sure hypnotherapists have techniques for each scenario, and they also techniques which are unique to them, so your experience could be very different.

Good luck!

TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Sun 11-Nov-12 20:11:46

Thanks so much for your detailed reply! The one thing you haven't mentioned is: did it work? I assume that you saw some improvement on that flight, and I hope on others too?

I am intrigued enough to think it's probably worth a try. I've found that there are a couple of registered hypnotherapists in my village, so a chat with them is probably my next step.

Any more experiences out there?

Showtime Mon 12-Nov-12 23:09:32

I tried this years ago, after discussing it with GP who'd heard good things about well-qualified practitioner.
I wouldn't have said Iwas hypnotised at all, just sitting comfortably with eyes closed and listening, as I imagined being in a lovely building I knew.
One treatment is not expensive, so it's worth giving this a trial - good luck.

BluelightsAndSirens Mon 12-Nov-12 23:13:40

I'm ,looking into this for anxiety issues including jumping out of my skin for no apparent reason blush

Let me know how you get on.

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 12-Nov-12 23:18:43

I had hypnotherapy for my fear of spiders. I can honestly say it worked, previously I could not see a spider even a picture of one or on the television without screaming. Certainly couldn't be in the same room as one. Now, whilst they're not my favourite thing they don't make me scream, I can tolerate them (although still wouldn't pick a tarantula up). Am thinking about going back for a few other things but can't afford it right now.

TheresAHuppoInMyHouse Tue 13-Nov-12 15:26:23

Thanks for your replies.

Bluelights - I went along this morning. The initial appointment was supposed to be 2 hours but I was there for 2 and a half. It was mainly therapy (so she could understand the situation, my view of what causes it, and what I wanted to achieve). Then she gave me some techniques to reduce tension and release emotions. Then she did the hypnosis - which was a very comfortable experience, very soothing, very peaceful.

She gave me lots to think about during the therapy stage, and the hypnosis gave me some visualisations to help me stay calm and to feel safe within myself. She made suggestions 'direct to my unconscious', which time will tell if my mind has decided to absorb.

I left feeling intrigued and relaxed. Then I got home, made myself a piece of toast and jumped when the toast popped up! That made me laugh a lot and is still raising a smile now!

I will go back and see her in a week or so, she says she will do more hypnosis next time and less of the therapy. So it certainly isn't a quick fix for me, but is worth pursuing ...

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