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Bipolar medication - advice please

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evadeller Wed 07-Nov-12 12:20:44

Hi. I've been taking Quetiapine for a while now. I am currently on 150mg but intend to increase to 200mg, possibly more. I'm starting to take diazepam during the day just to cope with my stress and anxiety. I have bi polar and am extremely stressed and depressed at the moment. I was prescribed Mirtazepine a while ago but have been too terrified to take it because every other anti-depressant had made me too manic. They sent me completely off the rails.
Has anyone with bipolar taken both Mirtazepine + Quetiapine? Is it worth the risk or should I just increase the Quetiapine and see how it goes? I really need something to help the depression as I'm struggling to function.

elvispelvis Wed 07-Nov-12 14:25:44

Have you tested lamotrigine? It is a mood stablilizer and helps with depression. It is not so good preventing manias, though. I had it with lithium.

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