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Come off of Citalopram, not sure how i feel, should i speak to the GP.

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mymatemax Sat 03-Nov-12 20:48:54

I stopped taking Citalopram about a month ago but have been having some odd symptoms, wondering if my previous anxiety was more hormonal, should i go back to theGP.
So over the last couple of weeks i have felt tired & have less energy BUT I have been very busy I have a severly disabled child, work & have elderly parents - So i would expect to be tired & so have been trying to take better care of myslef, go to bed earlier, not commit to extra stauff. TBH i would sooner manage my energy levels with sleep, maybe Citalopram was just allowing me to keep pushing myself??
But I have also had a bit of a brownish disharge (sorry tmi) & have woke a few times over the last couple of weeks feeling funny down there (again sorry) almost aroused?? really weird.
Also felt like a sore throat & cold is coming but never comes to anything.
More irritable, like PMT.
Also a bit of heartburn & indigestion
And a touch of the trots

So should I just see if this all settles down?
Was Citalopram just masking exhaustion symptoms?
Do I need to be on Citalopram or is there something else I could try?

mymatemax Sun 04-Nov-12 17:19:29

did i mention that i think i may kill DH

serenazakjohntimothy Mon 05-Nov-12 13:59:09

hi before you come off any medication you should consult with your doctor because with some medications there is a way to do it with out side effects i was on a anti depressent not sure name of it but took myself off it and went through a really rough time so had to go back on it then did it with the doctors help and have not needed it since smile

mymatemax Mon 05-Nov-12 16:43:29

Thanks, I did come off very gradually, reducing the dose slightly every so often. I actually feel alot better today... maybe it was just shouting at DH that made me feel better.

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