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Im swamped with problems!!!

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spingey Wed 31-Oct-12 10:13:42

We have no where to live. Currently staying with my mum miles away from dcs school. All our stuff is back in our flat and its too awful to go back because of the neighbours. Council are trying to move us but nothing is happening.
Having a massive battle with the csa over exp not paying maintenance. The company he works for are being a real pain in the ass and not providing the information that they should and its been dragging on for about 6 months.
Just had a call from the rent hasnt been paid for a while and Im in a load of trouble. It was a genuine mistake and I intend to go and pay some money this morning but I feel sick with worry because I know the exact same problem will occur with my council tax. I can pay them.... ~I just forgot and Im worried Im in a lot of trouble.
I have quite a bit of debt. Im managing to keep up with the monthly repayments but its going to take an age to get it all payed off. I have nothing to show for the was just frittered away and used to repair the car when I had no money.

Im being a rubbish mum atm, Im so unhappy. I feel awful guilt to the children. They deserve so much better. We are all squished into a tiny room, sharing a double bed. No one can sleep properly...... I just feel like a total failure. I wonder what we have done to deserve all of this at once. They are so resiliant and are adapting to all of this so well so why cant I??? Im trying so hard to hold everything together but as fast as I try and resolve one thing another arises.

TheSilverPussycat Wed 31-Oct-12 12:19:18

Is your DM supportive? How old are the kids?

Council: ring them every couple of days. Do you have MH issues (I assume so from where you've posted). Don't be afraid to trade on mention them.

CSA - at least it's not your ex you've got the problem with. Again hassling people by phone if you feel up to it.

Council are not about punishing people - they just want their money. Just pay them immediately, with a note apologising and saying your circumstances have been difficult, if you want.

You are maintaining your credit rating by keeping up with monthly payments.

You have brought your kids up to be adaptable and resilient - and they are being with you and their GM.

It's like bloody plate spinning, isn't it? A constant strain. But you sound like a success to me, not a failure at all.

ClareMarriott Thu 01-Nov-12 11:32:27

Your mother's house may not be the best solution now and for the longtime, but you do have a roof over your heads so I would forget the neighbours and go and collect your stuff. If you are able to keep up repayments ( on a debt ) then I would contact the council about the rent and council tax issues. They won't bite your head off if you explain your circumstances . If your children are of school age, do you have either a part or full time job. ? Are any other members of your family able to help you out ? As Silverpussy says, it is a case of keeping plates spinning in the air . There is a solution to this and you will find it Good luck

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