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just need to write this down

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CUnexttuseday Tue 30-Oct-12 11:07:48

i have 2 lovely DS aged 2.4 and 5 months. im currently on mat leave but im being made redundant in December. im currently feeling very bored and lonely, my DH works shifts so i dont see much of him some weeks. all my friend and family work and i feel like im going mad with only the kids around all day (even when we go out its just me and them). what scares me most is i dont know what im going to do after December. if i find a new job i dont think i can afford childcare (my previous employer did childcare vouchers). now im in a stupid downward spiral of negative thoughts, please tell me it will be ok

p.s i am currently on sertaline for PND and will be going to docs to review dose

amillionyears Tue 30-Oct-12 13:55:40

When are you going to the doctors?

CUnexttuseday Tue 30-Oct-12 15:40:24

im going to try to book in next Wednesday when my DH is off, dont fancy 2 kids running round while im trying to talk

mmmerangue Tue 30-Oct-12 16:07:23

I felt very miserable most of mat. leave and while not working, it actually keeps me sane. Have you tried taking DCs to a playgroup or soft play centre? Do you know other mums you can go for a cup of tea with and moan have adult conversation?

I have a NMW waitressing job, no stress past the point of signing out, no take home work or even thoughts. It is nice to work and have the extra bit of cash. Son goes to nursery 6 hours per week so I have some time for chores etc. although I only work at night, it is helpful for him to go for a short while and he very much enjoys it. I enjoy working and seeing people who are not my own family.

I thought working might not be worth it but getting tax credits isn't affected; as I don't earn enough to be taxed they are all based on DP's wages, all the money I earn is just extra. We need it now but if I had to stop work we would make do. I have been raised to believe that if you are able to work, you work, and it is not impossible to do.

Employers have a responsibility to try and accommodate flexible working for parents. I realise this may be hard when applying for new jobs but don't let things that just seem a little hard to work out pass you by, you may be surprised.

You know that you can get 70% of all childcare fees paid by the government if you qualify for tax credits? check this out The site has just been updated so I hope that is the right part. confused

it will all be OK! smile

CUnexttuseday Tue 30-Oct-12 17:30:57

thanks mmmerangue, i do take them to local soft play once a month but dont know any other mums so just sit on my own. i never though about tax credits just being based on DH wage. ive been offered a part time job in the new year but wasnt sure about taking due to childcare costs as it will be minimum wage

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