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questioning alcoholic tendancies

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JimbobJones Mon 29-Oct-12 21:13:36

I regularly go out to the pub ON MY OWN to watch football matches. When I say regularly I mean once a fortnight on average. I will drink about four pints. As I said, I go on my own, the reasons being I know very few people where we moved to and anyway I like my own company sometimes, kick back, unwind and have some thinking space whilst enjoying a match and a several pints. I will engage with other guys watching the game, sharing opinions and sometimes getting into interesting and passionate conversations about footy. Now, this is going out on my own drinking bordering on a alcohol problem? Is it weird or sad behaviour. Honest and brutal opinions please. I think I am a fairly normal chap but bit worried whether this kind of activity is normal. I do come home a little giddy and tipsy but by no means pissed and generally in good spirit even if my team has lost. I don't believe it causes problems and dont have a hangover in the morning.

DemureNewName Mon 29-Oct-12 21:19:36

I find it odd to write this, but I have no issue with a man doing this, but would feel a bit off with a woman doing it... which is my problem, not the OPs.

So overall, it doesn't sound like a big issue for me.

mmmerangue Tue 30-Oct-12 11:29:45

This is absolutely not alcoholic behaviour. Sounds a lot more sensible than I was as a teenager or at University and as many of my friends have carried on into their working lives with that sort of drinking mentality, I don't see a problem with yours at all.

What would be alcoholic would be if you needed that scenario on a regular or more regular basis, went out of your way to do that over other things, became attached to it beyond a normal enjoyment of football and socialising (albeit with strangers not friends. Maybe they can become your friends?!)

My dad is an alcoholic, he drinks a bottle of whiskey a day and has exactly none of the friends he had 5 or 10 years ago as he has embarrassed them all away.

Good you are aware and considerate of your drinking tendencies, you are perfectly healthy and sensible by the sound of it!

TodaysAGhoulDay Tue 30-Oct-12 11:52:54

When I used to drink many moons ago I used to go to the pub on my own occasionally. My now X used to work away and I liked to get out of the house. It would only be once a week, and I would go to the local with a good book for a couple of drinks hours. No harm at all in what you're doing IMO. If you didn't get out once every 2 weeks I think your life would be less enjoyable, don't you? Keep doing what you're doing, and don't feel guilty, you sound very sensible to me.

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